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Copyediting & Proofreading

Full content & line editing or proofreading, including imbedded instructional comments

Please Note: It’s been a great ride but I’m retiring from copyediting effective 31 August 2014.
I will offer a free sample edit up until that date. If I choose to take on your work, I will edit it for you.

The first step: a free sample edit

To get started, send your complete OR PARTIAL manuscript via email as an attachment in MS Word (.docx, .doc, or .rtf) to Harvey@harveystanbrough.com.
(Note: novel, memoir or short fiction collections only)

A sample edit is a full, complete edit of a few pages. I’ll get your sample edit back to you usually the same day. If I believe your manuscript needs a full edit (some don’t) and if I’m interested, I’ll offer to edit for you at a low per-word fee. I’m extremely good at what I do. I won’t offer a service your manuscript doesn’t need.


A copyedit consists of line editing (punctuation, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, syntax), voice, pacing and flow. If content problems pop out at me, I imbed comments containing recommendations. To keep my prices low, I provide a full copyedit only for those manuscripts I would like to read personally. To increase the chance that your manuscript will be one of those, please follow these brief guidelines:

  • Novel, memoir or short fiction collections only, please
  • Absolutely NO present-tense narrative, regardless of genre or which fad is currently in fashion
  • I reserve the right to reject any job or any manuscript for any reason.

1. When I accept a manuscript for editing, it goes into a queue. I edit manuscripts in the order they were received.
2. If you’d rather not pay for a full edit but you want me to look over your work, you can opt for my Proofreading Service (below).
3. Due to time constraints, I can’t offer to read or review manuscripts without doing a paid edit or proofread.

Proofreading Service

Proofreading consists only of a very light line edit (obvious punctuation errors, spelling or wrong-word errors, reverse constructions or verbs that do not indicate a form of utterance in tag lines, obvious tense shifts and so on).

I will proofread any original (not scanned-in) manuscript for .008 (4/5 of one cent) per word. For example, if your manuscript is exactly 40,000 words, the fee would be $320; if your manuscript is 80,000 words, the fee would be $640. Please don’t ask me for a reduced rate. I’m very good at what I do, and I have to make a living.

Note: I no longer offer proofreading on scanned-in manuscripts.

Fee is payable in advance via check or PayPal. (You do not have to sign up for PayPal to pay via credit card through PayPal.)

If you have any questions, please email me at Harvey@HarveyStanbrough.com.

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