Considering Hiring A Ghostwriter?

When folks ask me why I recommend hiring a ghostwriter, my first answer is always this:

First and foremost, a professional ghostwriter is a professional writer.

When you want something done right, you employ someone who’s already mastered the learning curve. Hiring a professional always gets better results. Always.

I ghostwrite both fiction and nonfiction books, including memoir.

The professional writer, like the professional carpenter, plumber, lawyer, mechanic or farmer, has studied and learned his craft. He can readily apply skills, knowledge and even “tricks” to your project that would take you years to learn.

The professional writer also has a proven track record of his own work, often under his own name as well as several pen names. In short, the professional writer loves to write. It’s his day job. It’s all he does.

But why should you hire a professional ghostwriter? If any of the specific reasons below ring true for you, it’s something you should consider.

One: You have a great idea rattling around in your head.

You aren’t alone. Many, many really good novels and nonfiction books are written in the mind but never committed to the page.

A professional ghostwriter will run with your idea. Your book, with your byline, will be written and ready for publication before you know it.

Two: You lack the time to write.

This is a common problem most would-be authors face. In most cases, it’s the main reason the novel or nonfiction book never makes it to the page.

Maybe you have a full-time job, family commitments and other interests. Nothing wrong with that. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

A professional ghostwriter gives the same passion and time to writing that you give—and rightly so—to the activities and interests and people you love.

Three: You lack the skills and knowledge to write.

Most would-be writers don’t even realize all the things they don’t know.

Most genres of fiction and nonfiction have certain ingredients and certain touchstones that occur at certain places. If you don’t include those ingredients or if you don’t hit those touchstones, readers in your target genre won’t buy your book.

Note that these ingredients and touchstones do not comprise some sort of cookie-cutter “formula.” They are merely what readers expect to see in a given genre.

A professional ghostwriter knows these conventions and many, many more. And because they are his stock in trade, he knows how to apply them.

Four: Even if you wrote your book, you lack the skills and knowledge to publish it.

The whole process seems overwhelmingly complex.

How do you avoid the scams and pitfalls that seem to litter the literary landscape? Do you even know what to watch for? Where and how do you even submit your work?

A professional ghostwriter knows because he’s been there.

Why Hire Me as Your Ghostwriter?

I have a long history of helping other writers. Hundreds of writers have learned from me in workshops, conference presentations, and even questions posed via email.

I’ve also written two dozen novels and novellas, over 160 short stories, and dozens of nonfiction articles and essays under five names. I know how to get things done.

Experience matters.

  • I’ve had three decades of success as a professional writer and copyeditor.
  • My work has been widely published through traditional, subsidy and independent publishers. I can guide you, as I have guided dozens of others, in finding the right publishing route for you.

No topic is too large or too small, and no topic is taboo.

I will discuss any project of any size and on any topic. Email me at

If you believe you lack the funds to hire a professional

it’s in both our interests to develop a workable solution. I will work with you in this regard, and everything will be spelled out up front in a clear and easily understood personalized agreement.

If you’re afraid of being scammed or ripped off

it’s in both our interests that you aren’t. I make a living on my reputation as a writer. I will help you protect your intellectual property and your copyright. I am fiercely protective of my own good name and of my clients and their works.

If you want your book to be your book

no worries. I will write your book, not my version of your book. My fingers are on the keyboard, but you’re writing through them. Maintaining the author’s voice is always my number one concern.

Ready to go? If you’re ready to get that novel or nonfiction book out of your head and into print, let’s get started! Email me at

If you’d rather talk by telephone, we can do that too, but please email me first. Include your phone number, the topic, and give me a time range during which I may call you.

Thanks for stopping by!