The Journal, Tuesday, 5/16

Hey Folks,

Well, kind of a mixed bag today. I did a lot of non-writing stuff and still managed to knock out almost 3000 words. Details below.

Today, and Writing

Rolled out a little before 4. Still catching up on my sleep, I think.

By 5:30 I’d had my coffee and read everything I recommended to you below in “Of Interest” plus some other stuff.

Around 7 I went to the grocery and was back by 8. Around 9 I went to the poor, doorless Hovel and wrote for a little while. Back to the house after a cigar.

Wrote a little more while I was up here. At 10, back to the Hovel.

Wrote for a couple of hours, then spent time off and on with my friend (and landlord) Richard as he worked to get the swamp cooler on the roof running. Did it myself in years past, but my back doesn’t allow me up ladders anymore.

Around 3, back to writing for awhile.

Back tomorrow.

Of Interest

See “Book Bundling for Authors” at

See “The Magic Bakery: Chapter Eight” at

More interesting stuff below that at “Again A Busy Day” (

Fiction Words: 2986
Nonfiction Words: 190 (Journal)
So total words for the day: 3176

Writing of A Fresh Kill (tentative title, novel)

Day 1…… 2751 words. Total words to date…… 2751
Day 2…… 2986 words. Total words to date…… 5737

Total fiction words for the month……… 21151
Total fiction words for the year………… 268745
Total nonfiction words for the month… 8220
Total nonfiction words for the year…… 82910

Total words for the year (fiction and this blog)…… 351655

The Daily Journal blog streak……………………………………… 538 days
Calendar Year 2017 Novel Goal (15 novels)………………… 4 novels
Novels (since Oct 19, 2014)………………………………………… 24
Novellas (since Nov 1, 2015)……………………………………… 3
Short stories (since Apr 15, 2014)……………………………… 167

The Journal, Wednesday, 3/29

Hey Folks,

Well, yesterday the doc appointment took only all morning vs. all day. It went well. We got home around 2.

I did get back to the novel around 3. I cycled back through what I wrote a couple days ago then started a new scene. I added only around 200 words. Just wasn’t into it.

* * *

Something fun for you. Know why I write fiction? ‘Cause reality is entirely too weird. See
If they’d saved this story for April 1, nobody would have believed it. I don’t want to believe it anyway.

* * *

Sometime in the past I mentioned Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn. I focused on a post from her blog in “Of Interest” below.

Also there’s a free education in her podcasts and podcast transcripts. Check it out at As always, use what works for you, makes sense to you, and discard the rest.

Of the 314 listed podcasts, I copied the URL for 14 transcripts and 17 podcasts into a Notepad document for future reference. Later, as I read (or listen) through them, I’ll glean what’s useful and toss what isn’t. Mining gems.

In case you didn’t know, you can save a URL without clicking on the link. Just right click. Then from the dropdown menu, click Copy Link Location. Then paste that into the document of your choice.

* * *

Today is my grandson’s 22nd birthday. As a special gift, he and I and my buddy Dan are going camping this weekend. We’re leaving Friday morning, so that cuts one more day off the novel. Sigh. But it’ll be worth it.

So I’ll either finish it today or tomorrow or I’ll finish it after I get back.

If I finish it on time, I will have written two novels in a month, one in 10 days and one in 7 or 8. (The bad side of that is it means I had 13 or 14 nonwriting days this month.)

If I finish it after I get back, I fail in my challenge to write two novels in a month (shrug). But I’ll still have two new novels and there are other months. (grin)

Either way, from this experience I’ve learned a couple of major things: One, that even with bad days, I write an average of 3500 words per day. Two, that writing two (or even three) novels in a month isn’t all that difficult.

When I try it again, I’ll do a bit of planning and deck-clearing first, though. Duh. (grin)

Today, and Writing

Rolled out a little before 4. Almost immediately I set about exploring the stuff from The Creative Penn (see above).

Finally out to the Hovel around 7:30. To the novel shortly thereafter.

An unremarkable day. I took a break about every hour, and a short walk (a mile) at around 11:30.

Well, I have a real shot of finishing this novel tomorrow, depending on how long it wants to run. A little over 5000 words today.

Back tomorrow.

Of Interest

At The Creative Penn, Can Changing Your Book Covers Really Help You Sell More Books?

Also, browse the topics on her Podcasts page at

Fiction Words: 5401
Nonfiction Words: 530 (Journal)
So total words for the day: 530

Writing of The Pyramid Killer

Day 1…… 0978 words. Total words to date…… 978
Day 2…… 3630 words. Total words to date…… 4608
Day 3…… 3764 words. Total words to date…… 8372
Day 4…… 3826 words. Total words to date…… 12198
Day 5…… 2521 words. Total words to date…… 14719
Day 6…… 4109 words. Total words to date…… 18828
Day 7…… 5401 words. Total words to date…… 24229

Total fiction words for the month……… 56690
Total fiction words for the year………… 208556
Total nonfiction words for the month… 19900
Total nonfiction words for the year…… 56490

Total words for the year (fiction and nonfiction)…… 265046

The Journal, Friday, 11/25

Hey Folks,

Beginning today, I’m posting this Journal to my main site at If you came here looking for the Free Story of the Week, either scroll to the blog post below this or click the Free Story of the Week tab in the menu. It will still post every Friday at 8 a.m.

If you’re looking for the Pro Writers blog post, click the Pro Writers tab in the menu. It will still post every Tuesday morning at 8 a.m.

This Journal will post every day at 7 p.m. (All times are Arizona time.)

To all of my regular Journal readers, Happy Get-Over-All-The-Stuff-You-Ate-Yesterday Day. (grin)

I rolled out closer to my normal time this morning at around 3:30. I spent the first two-plus hours with email, Facebook etc. and read The Creative Penn post (see Of Interest below). If you don’t subscribe to that blog yet, I do recommend it.

* * *

There’s no time like the present. This morning around 11:40 I switched the RSS feed for this blog over to the main site. This evening I’ll post this over there, and it will go out at 7 p.m.

If you receive this via RSS, the new feed is

If you receive it via email, you shouldn’t notice any difference, except maybe a different header. (I don’t think so, but maybe.)

I also added a final post to the blog over at, where this one was based for so long, redirecting folks to the other site for future posts.

Finally, I jumped over to the other site ( and revised the header there to include “& The Daily Journal.” Check it out. Lemme know what you think.

* * *

Mona and I passed a quiet Thanksgiving yesterday, watching four episodes of Deadwood. We were both put off by the obviously gratuitous use of “foul” language.

Yes, even me. Especially as a writer.

Topic: When to Let Your Characters Use “Bad” Language

Okay, first of all, a disclaimer: I personally believe there is no such thing as “bad” language. Every word in the language serves a purpose.

For writers, every word in the language is a tool to be used in crafting a story. But like any other professional tool, it should not be abused.

With that in mind, I’m not sure what the writers of the popular HBO series Deadwood were trying to do, but I suspect they cost HBO some viewers. With regard to dialogue, the first few episodes comprise an excellent example of what not to do.

NOT because there was some “bad” language, but because the use of it was most often gratuitous.

The main bad guy constantly dropped the F bomb. That’s fine. It was expected and it suited his character.

But with only one exception, every other major character (and all the minor characters) did the same thing, also constantly. That was neither expected nor in character.

Here’s my recommenation.

Part I: As you run through the story with your characters, write down what they say (in their own voice and using the vocabulary they want to use) and what they do.

Part II: Be sure to include their opinions of the setting and any emotions they express about the setting. Do these two things and you’re gold.

Part III: Don’t Edit (!). Which is to say Don’t Force Your Will On The Characters.

So why the (!)? Because when I say “don’t edit,” that goes both ways.

If the character wants to use one or more words that you personally find offensive, let him. Don’t force him to clean up his act.

If another character DOESN’T want to use that word (most don’t, especially in mixed company), don’t force it on him.

Are there exceptions? Well, there are exceptions to how characters talk in various situations, yes.

For example, most of the men I know wouldn’t drop an F bomb in a social setting in mixed company. That might mean a setting in which there are women present or it might mean a setting in which members of a different social stratum are present.

The same men, in a social setting in which they are among trusted male friends (peers), might use foul language occasionally. It’s a familiarity thing.

And the same men, if they find themselves in a social setting in which they perceive the other men to be in higher standing than they, might use the same language more often than they usually do in order to gain favor.

But there are no exceptions for you, the writer, when it comes to allowing characters to be who they are in a given situation. When you relinquish control, you also relinquish responsibility. Just let ’em be who they are.

Of Interest

See The Creative Penn ( for a really great (realistic) post on using Facebook ads.

Free story of the week, “Curious Shapes,” posted at this morning.

Just a brief post-holiday post over at Dean’s place.

Today’s Writing

Added 800 words in the first session, mostly cycling but adding some much needed sensory detail. Then breakfast, then switching the journal over to the other site.

Back to writing at around 12:45.

Not a lot done today, but for a quasi-holiday, I’ll take it.

Back tomorrow.

Fiction Words: 2099
Nonfiction Words: 760 (Journal)
So total words for the day: 2859

Writing of Snubbing the Gods (novel, tentative title)

Day 10… 2829 words. Total words to date…… 22264
Day 11… 2493 words. Total words to date…… 24757
Day 12… 2099 words. Total words to date…… 26856

Total fiction words for the month……… 16998
Total fiction words for the year………… 672153
Total nonfiction words for the month… 14970
Total nonfiction words for the year…… 253810

Total words for the year (fiction and nonfiction)…… 925963