I’m Harvey Stanbrough. I was born in New Mexico, seasoned in Texas and baked in Arizona, so I’m pretty much done. For a time, I wrote under a few personas and several pseudonyms, but I take a pill for that now and write only under my own name. Mostly. You can read about my personas here. They each have their own short, interesting bio.

I’ve written over 65 novels, 8 novellas, and around 250 short stories across several genres. I’ve also compiled around 30 short story collections and several lauded, major-prize-nominated poetry collections and nonfiction books on the craft of writing. That is in addition to hundreds of articles, essays and blog posts.

Some Quick Details and Navigation Notes

No tricks here. If you’re a reader, you’re in the right place. Sort of.

On the menu, the first three tabs after Welcome will send you to my publisher website, StoneThread Publishing. I’m not trying to get rid of you, but that site’s ALL about readers. You can get some really great discounts over there. The next two tabs are also for readers, but they at least let you stay on this website.

I write an infrequent author blog too. I talk occasionally about my characters and settings and other things that seem to interest readers. I also update everyone on my new releases. With 66 novels and 8 novellas in 7 years, I’m a fairly prolific novelist, so new releases come pretty often.

You can subscribe to that blog by clicking Subscribe to My Reader Blog or by clicking on the tab with the same name at the end of the menu. The blog is free and it should be fun. To see the first post, click Welcome to the New Blog.

If you’re fiction writer, you’re also in the right place.

You’ll notice a lot of the tabs in the menu are labeled for writers. I enjoy paying forward the unique things I’ve learned about writing fiction. I say they’re unique because they aren’t the typical, regurgitated slop you hear pretty much everywhere out there.

Folks, writing fiction really can be a ton of fun. It can be an escape not only for the reader, but for YOU. It really doesn’t have to be the old outline > write > revise > workshop > rewrite > and polish ad nauseam assembly line the English teachers talk about. (Don’t send letters or emails. I used to be an English teacher, so I can talk.)

If you’re a writer and you’re tired of going in the same old self-destructive circles and following the same tired, clichèd advice that never works, check out my Daily Journal. It might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

In the Journal, in addition to extensive archives and an almost-daily blog in which I often include a dedicated topic on the craft of writing, I also offer links of interest to writers and much more. The Journal is free, but you can also become a patron and receive valuable rewards. If you’re anxious to learn the craft from a prolific professional fiction writer for whom writing is an endless joy, I hope you’ll check it out.


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