The Journal, Wednesday, 9/30: On Being Organized, and a Major Change

Rolled out a little before 3. I had forgotten how much “little work” would be necessary to create a new publisher website. This morning I created folders for covers. I filled one with covers that are 150 x 225 pixels, another for 180 x 270 pixels, and another for 300 x 450 pixels. That and sorting them took three hours, but it’s necessary when you have to upload covers for 9 novels, 20 short story collections, … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, 9/29: Collections, Box Sets and Other Non-Writing Stuff

Okay, coming to you a little earlier again. This one is set to go out at 6 now. My short story of the week will go out at 5 every Monday from here on out. Well, I didn’t get up this morning. Wide awake, I looked at the clock and thought it said 1:45 a.m. That’s close enough to 2 to start a normal day (for me) so I got up. But in actuality, it was … Read more

The Journal, Monday, 9/28: How I Write

The Journal, Monday, 9/28: How I Write Rolled out a little after 3, having stepped outside to watch some of the lunar eclipse last night. More than likely I won’t get a lot of writing done today, at least on the novel. I do have to write the short story of the week. It posts tonight at 6 p.m. But I also have to take my pickup to Sierra Vista again to finish the repair I … Read more

The Journal, Sunday, 9/27: Keep Coming Back

Rolled out right at 2, anxious to get back to the novel. Every now and then I check up on my lists and purge them. On this weak little list, I had only 31 subscribers. Of those, six had never opened the email when they received it. This blog has been running from my main site since July 1, pretty much every day. I think that’s a long enough time to indicate interest. So I unsubscribed … Read more

The Journal, Saturday, 9/26: No topic, sort of

I slept in this morning until almost 3. Sure felt good. (grin) Then I got up. Not a great day around the Stanbrough camp. I won’t bore you with the annoying, frustrating, aggravating details. Just not a good day. I almost made the topic of this post “writing for therapy,” but that would’ve been a hoax. Or politically correct. I get confused. I do know nowadays when you tell an outright, bold-face lie it’s most often … Read more

The Journal, Friday, 9/25: Help Bookstores Know Your Print Books Exist

Rolled out early again, about half past 1. My little cat needed me to get up for some reason I still don’t understand. She woke me about 12:30 and I laid there for an hour before she finally nagged me out of bed. (grin) Did much of nothing the first couple hours again. I’d like very much to change that. For now I guess it’ll be what it’ll be. At the end of the day if … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, 9/24: Conjoined Stories

Rolled out early, a few minutes after 1. One of my sons dropped by on his way from California to New Mexico (return trip). We visited for an hour or so before I went to bed. He was up and back on the road at around 3. Enjoyed seeing him but any visit messes up the routine a bit. I was going to walk later this morning, but I’m not feeling well. Nothing serious. Just blah. … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 9/23: A BIG Author Earnings Report

Rolled out just before 3 again, a little late this morning. I was hoping to get up around 1 so I could get a lot done before I have to go to SV but that wasn’t in the cards. I’ll just have to spread the writing out. Answered some emails, then Facebook stuff. From a comment by Dean on his blog from yesterday: “There is a huge difference between writing for one reader (those who submit … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, 9/22: Writing Fast

Rolled out just before 3. Answered some emails, then just messed around awhile (again) with Facebook. I’m gonna have to stay off Facebook, by which I mean take it in very limited doses. Yesterday as a writer who was currently, you know, writing, I wondered aloud in a Facebook post how many other writers were writing on their own WIPs at the same time. If they were, I asked them to click Like or comment if … Read more

The Journal, Monday, 9/21: Streaks

Rolled out around 2:30. Answered some emails, then just messed around awhile with Facebook and watching the weather come north. My short story of the week, “The Day They Came,” will post today. I hope you’ll enjoy it if you’re in an SF frame of mind. For me, that’s the signal that I need to write a short story to post next Monday. Okay, I’m gonna talk about streaks again. Why? Because they’re important. They’re important … Read more