The Journal, Wednesday, 12/9

Hi Folks, Okay. I thought the novel was done, but I just wasn’t happy with the ending. I knew it wasn’t “right” but I wasn’t sure why. So I scrapped some stuff (not a lot), wrote some new stuff, and now it’s good. By the way, ALL of this that I’ve been doing for the past 21 months is because I am an adherent of Heinlein’s Rules. If you want to hike up your productivity as … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, 12/8

Hi Folks, I’m kind’a hoping today will be the last day on this novel. We’ll see. If it isn’t today, it will be tomorrow. You know, barring fire, flood, etc. Unless I’m able to get my laptop out. For one thing, I’d like very much to have it out in time for Christmas shoppers. I also hope to have a boxed set out by then, and at least one of my distributors (D2D) wants items turned … Read more

The Journal, Monday, 12/7

Hi Folks, Feeling a lot better today. Hit the sack early last night. Fired up to continue my journey through The Scent of Acacias. The Day Rolled out right at 1:30, very early. Spent a couple hours relaxing my way into the day. Sipping coffee (18 ounce mug) and messing around on the computer. I spent about a half-hour putting new words in the novel but my subconscious kept nagging me. Finally I stopped, opened the … Read more

The Journal, Sunday, 12/6

Hi Folks, Well, today is actually a day off for me, such as it is. I did begin reading in my WIP where I left off yesterday. I made a little headway but I had a rough night last night so I didn’t get far. Here’s the link again for the bundle of writing books just in case you are considering it but haven’t acted yet: The Day Rolled out right at 3, but I … Read more

What’s Goin’ on Here?

Hi Folks, As you can tell by the date, this post is not part of the regular rotation of posts on writing (and writing-related matters) that come out on the 1st, 11th, and 21st of each month. But it will be important to at least some of you. 1. I’m posting to my Daily Journal again. As the name implies, that Journal comes out pretty much every day. Mostly it is a diary. In it, I … Read more

The Journal, Saturday, 12/5

Hi Folks, I seriously considered taking a day off writing today. I was going to do some reading instead. But my fingers and my mind keep leaning toward my writing computer, so writing it is. Last night I skimmed the 30 pages of introductory material in Working Days, which I’ve now learned is actually the book inside which Steinbeck’s daily journal is allegedly secreted. I hope to find the journal itself sometime later today during a … Read more

The Journal, Friday, 12/4

Hi Folks, Received a comment via email yesterday. Just in case I confused anyone else, I wanted to share it. Here’s the essence of the question followed by my response. I’ve added a little to the response, but the writer will see it here. If you have a comment, whenever possible please post it in the Comments section below. Q: Harvey, Are you saying that sometimes the subconscious (writing into the dark) misleads us? A: Not … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 12/3

Hi Folks, Well, again, overnight I had a thought regarding the publishing website. So another early morning of poking about . But only during my waking up period, so some good done and no harm. Still a little more to do on this latest innovation but time to write now. The Day Got up late right at 4 this morning. Again it was too cold to let the babies out. But I did. I left the … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, 12/2

Hi Folks, Hey, if you want to see some excellent but very emotional writing, visit Sarandipity Travels. Sara is a beloved friend who is walking a difficult path. She is one of the best photographers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, and she is an absolutely excellent writer. The Day Again I rolled out right at 3 this morning. Again it was too cold (27, now down to 24) to let the babies out. They … Read more

The Journal, Monday, 12/1

Hi Folks, Well, first day of the month. I was hoping for a really good day to start the month. It was good enough I guess, but various minor problems and one “incident” sucked up a lot of my time today. Well, and a little other writing. The novel is still going great, very smoothly moving from scene to scene. That makes it even more annoying when I can’t give it the time I want to … Read more