Learning from Other Writers

Hey Folks, Thriller author James Scott Bell, in the Kill Zone blog back in June, wrote  “Authors I Have Learned From: John D. MacDonald.” The article is chock full of gems if you dig just a little. You can read the post for yourself. I’ll reference it at the end. But for this post, I’ll offer a few hints at those gems, then elaborate a little on each of them. To begin, there is much to … Read more

The Scams, They Are A’waitin’…

Hi Folks, In their Author Newsletter (posted 9/30/2018), Booklocker.com announced they’ll file your copyright registration form for you for only $99. That’s compared with LegalZoom ($169), AuthorHouse and iUniverse ($170), Xulon Press and Mill City Press ($199), Balboa Press ($204), Xlibris ($249) and a host of others charging even more exorbitant prices. The others they listed include InfinityPublishing/FastPencil, Trafford.com, Westbow Press, and Lulu. The one outfit to avoid that they did not mention is Wheatmark. ALL … Read more

New Services Offered

Hey Folks, Very short post today. I’ve been a copyeditor for almost 40 years. The per-word fee for that service depends on your manuscript and how well it’s put together. If you’re interested in my copyediting service, you can find everything you need to know at http://harveystanbrough.com/copyediting/. But not everybody wants a copyedit. Many writers want only a critique of their work. I never used to offer critiques separate of a copyedit, but now I do. … Read more

The Claim

Hey Folks, This week we’re back to more science fiction with the sequel to In the Siberian Fields: The Claim. Adolph Hitler, terrible as he was, was nothing but a pawn. One in a series of strings tugged by a puppeteer. Hitler was vanquished, but the entity that gave him rise never went away. Two centuries and two decades after the rise of Hitler, the same entity is still pulling strings. And he’s almost accomplished the … Read more

Distribution: Exclusivity vs. Going Wide, Part Two

Hey Folks, I didn’t say anything in part one of this post about publishing to paper. Of course, publishing to paper as well as ebooks is a good idea. If you can manage it, publishing to audiobooks is also a good idea. I advocate making your work available in every format. The larger number of formats that are available, the larger your prospective audience. This is a fact. It won’t go away just because someone chooses … Read more