A Time for Challenges

Hey Folks, Well, I’m leaving this post up for another week. Not because I don’t have plenty else to write about, but because… It’s that time of year again. The new year is rapidly approaching, and with it comes new opportunities and new resolutions. A time to reset writing goals and maybe jumpstart our writing. What better way to start than with a personal challenge? We use challenges to stretch ourselves just a bit beyond what … Read more

The Most Important Advice I Can Give You About Writing, Editing and Publishing (Seriously)

Hey Folks, This post might have as easily been titled “What I Wish I’d Known When I Started Writing.” Yesterday (as I write this) I published my 35th novel and the fourth in a series. I also have 2 books in another series (SF), 10 books in another (Wes Crowley Western), and 9 in another (Pulp). And then there are all the stand-alones and novellas. I also am closing in on 200 short stories, many of … Read more

Let the Writer Beware

Hey folks, Recently, a writing friend sent me a link to an article that seems to indicate Scribd, a major subsciption service, is not paying authors. To read the original article, see http://writersweekly.com/this-weeks-article/scribd-com-is-copyright-infringement-their-business-model-and-are-you-a-victim-too-by-wilfried-f-voss. It’s an interesting article. But we’re all in charge of our own career to one degree or the other. In the end, my only advice would be to not distribute to Scribd (or do), and to do a search and remove any of … Read more