Pet Peeves That Matter

Hey folks, Pet peeves — you know, those little flaws and inanities that grind away on the nerves and cause me to close novels and put them in the Goodwill box? They’re horrible. Mostly because they keep me from continuing to read what otherwise might be a good story. I don’t look for problems while I’m reading. I just read for pleasure. Like any other reader, when I buy a book, I automatically suspend my sense … Read more

A Realization (or Maybe an Epiphany)

Hey Folks, Dangerous as it sounds, sometimes I feel as if I’ve been through it all as a writer. I say “dangerous” because such a feeling is the surest way to stop learning and reach a plateau. Which is to say it’s the surest way to death as a writer. When we reach a plateau, a flattening-out of the attempt to keep learning, little things we’ve learned but haven’t yet tried tend to sift down through … Read more

Pro Writers Writing: A New Venture

Hey Folks, Last night I got started setting up the website for Pro Writers Writing. There isn’t much to see yet, beyond Robert Sadler’s excellent design for the logo that stretches across the top. I anticipate launching the new site in mid-March or a little later. Pro Writers Writing will be a blog similar to the Kill Zone blog. However, whereas TKZ authors are all traditionally published, our group will focus on successful independent writing and publishing. … Read more

Nobody Is Immune to Elephant Syndrome

Hey Folks, If you remember, Dean Wesley Smith had a challenge during which he proposed writing 10 novels in 100 days. At first it faltered, so he restarted it. Now, he’s announced it’s faltered again. (Actually, he says it’s “still going on” but then says the restart didn’t work well.) I wish him luck on the re-restart, whenever it happens. I suspect he will successfully complete this challenge once he gets going on it. I can’t … Read more

I’m Searching for a First Reader

Hey Folks, I’m taking “applications” for first readers, for my current work in progress (WIP) and in general. If you’re interested,  email me directly at But first, you might want to read the rest of this post. (grin) Being a first reader is yet another way you could support this blog and get to read some great stories to boot. What I Write I write war/action-adventure, black-ops stuff, crime stuff, detective stuff, SFF (science fiction/fantasy) … Read more