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Ebook Cover Design

An attractive, attention-grabbing cover is the best draw for your book.

IF I EDITED AND EFORMATTED YOUR BOOK, I will consider creating an ebook cover for you.

1. I maintain accounts at several stock photo agencies and I have a broad selection of my own photos. So I can easily locate and procure the right cover photo.

I will provide you with an ebook cover (front only, no spine or back)

Note: You are hiring me for my expertise, so I recommend you grant me artistic control over your cover. It will cost you less because it will save me time, and you will end up with a much better cover than if you insist on artistic control. That being said, it’s your book so it’s up to you.

Cover Specifics
Title Text, Author, Tease on any photo, my artistic control
Title Text, Author, Tease on any photo, your artistic control
Non-Exclusive Use
$40/hr, 3 hr minimum
Exclusive Use
$250 + $40/hr, 3 hr minimum


  1. I will provide you with two covers: one for submission to Amazon and other venues at 2000 x 3000 pixels and a thumbnail pic for use on your website (or wherever) at 200 x 300. Note that these are ebook covers only. There will not be a back cover or a spine. Fee includes one proof and one author-mandated revision.
  2. Any photos you provide must be in .jpg format. Important: by sending the photo to me and authorizing me to use it to create your ebook cover, you are affirming that you either own the photo or you own the necessary rights to use it. (I will not work with public domain photos, so please don’t ask.) You retain all rights to your photos and to the cover I create from your photo or part of your photo.
  3. “My artistic control” means no matter the source of the photo I use to create your book cover, I have complete artistic control. You’re paying me for my expertise, so I strongly recommend this option.
  4. “Your artistic control” means you have artistic control over the cover design. I’ll do what you say for $40 per hour with a 3-hour minimum. (I don’t have time to teach you why fonts should be a particular size or in a particular location, so please don’t ask.) I reserve the right to decide whether to display the resulting cover as an example of my work, and I reserve the right to grant or deny permission to list me in the front matter of your book.
  5. “Non-exclusive use” means I’m selling you one-time rights to use the ebook cover that I design for you. If I provide the photo, I still own the photo and can use it in any form and for any other purpose. (If you provide the photo, naturally I cannot use it for any other purpose than creating your cover.)
  6. “Exclusive use” with my photo means I’m selling you my actual photo both individually and as part of your cover. (If you provide a photo, “exclusive use” simply means I can’t use it for other projects.) If I don’t have an appropriate photo or drawing in stock, I will find one or take one specifically for your cover. You can use it for any purpose you wish, including future covers. (Good for series, sequels, etc.) I can no longer use that photo (or the part of that photo that I used for your cover) without your permission.
  7. Of necessity, I reserve the right to refuse any job for any reason.

Here are some of the covers I’ve designed:

GED_200 Least_200 Inheritance_200 SweetTrade_200 Weariness_200
EskimoNY2_200 Guilty_200 Purple Sunshine_200
Create2_200 13 Days_200
TWF_LOFB_200 Riverwind_200 EskimoMiami_200 ks_200
StrikePrice_200 WillTripp_200 Desert Kill_200 Third Garden_200 Grave on Peckerwood Hill 200
DeBow_Black_200 DarkSide_200 EH3_200 White Elephant_200 Summer_200
CooganCurse_200 Fragments 200 Quite a Thing 200 TimothyODowd 200 GCM_200
WRDFF_200 SevenSins_200 Magic Cakes 200 Cycle of Ramon 200

Thanks for stopping by! If I can help in any way, email me at Harvey@harveystanbrough.com.

Word count: 609
Last edited by Harvey on June 24, 2018 at 2:13 pm
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