About Town

About Town 300These five intense short stories will have you on the edge of your seat.

“The Old Jenkins Place” is an odd compound on the outskirts of a small, religious community. Very fitting for all sorts of rituals.

In “Paper Hearts,” a story reminiscent of Hemingway’s work, a waiter works his way through a shift at an all-night cafĂ©. On the table in the back booth he finds a pair of paper hearts. But when exactly did he find them?

In “Finding Harold,” Mavis sets out to find her husband, who’s been gone longer than she thinks he should. Who can blame Harold for wanting to disappear? But she finds him. Boy does she find him.

In “Ca-racked!” what happens when one guy is so taken with the scenery that he decides when he dies he wants to become part of it? And what happen if he gets so depressed he decides he’d like to become part of it now? Can a lack of Mexican food really cause depression?

And in “Family,” well there are families, and there are families, and family members come in all kinds. Some are good to talk with, some to hang out with, and some will kill you. Warning: The characters in this story use strong language.

Recommended search terms: horror, humor, mafia, paranormal, psychological suspense, SF, street gangs, short story

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