Blackwell Ops 6: Charlie Task

Charles Claymore “Charlie” Task is a self-described professional psychopath.

Because of what Charlie believes of himself, he has a special skillset that TJ Blackwell of Blackwell Ops finds of use.

▪ From taking a peculiar kind of mercy on a man in Boston

▪ to dispensing unspeakable torture on behalf of an imam

▪ to helping a friend square a contract for his woman-friend, and more,

Charlie always carries out his assignments to the letter.

But there’s a great deal more to Charlie than meets the emotional dicsonnect, as he himself is soon to learn.

This is yet another part of his story, as told to the author. As always, only the more sensitive parts of Mr. Task’s story are fictionalized. Everything else is true.

Recommended search tags: crime, mystery, murder, thriller, psychological suspense, assassin, novel series

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