The Journal, Sunday, 1/29

Hey Folks,

Well, Sunday. Sunday mornin’ comin’ down. And I got a late start, thanks to waking up with mind twisted up and wrapped around a ball of crap.

The “Today and Writing” segment is still below, but I won’t belabor you with an hourly accounting today. Or probably any day in the future unless something important happens that I think might be of interest.

Just know that I’m now firmly trained to write while I’m in the chair and to take a break roughly every hour. And I recommend both.

Topic: In My World (somewhat political)

Kristine Kathryn Rusch posted something political on Facebook yesterday. That plus some supplicant’s comment on her post hit me so hard that it actually visited me in a dream last night.

If I were a lesser person, I suppose I would say I was assaulted during my somnolent phase with a micro-aggression. Or was it macro? Anyway, it bothered me so much that I woke up with this crap on my mind.

Of course, I take full responsibility. I had checked Get Notifications on Kris’ FB page, mostly so I could see when new stories or new Business Musings blogs popped up, partly for myself and partly so I could pass them on to others, including you.

I truly admire Kris’ writing ability, I’m happy for her that she’s made a b’jillion dollars doing what she loves, and I only wish I had even a little of her business sense.

But my admiration for her talents no longer outweighs what I personally see as her one-sided, myopic view of the world. So I can’t follow her anymore. It’s too much like risking walking into an ambush. And I won’t promote her or her work anymore.

You all know her website or can find it easily enough, and you can befriend her on Facebook or whatever if you haven’t already. I even recommend it if you can stand it or if you sympathize with her point of view. But I can’t and I don’t.

Many years ago, I wrote in some longer writing that “The one thing I cannot tolerate is intolerance.” Honestly, at the time, it was probably a tongue-in-cheek play on words. But the fact is, it’s true.

In my world, everything goes to intent. If your intention is to twist and mislead, stay away from me. Please. Likewise if you’re ignorant of facts, intentionally or otherwise.

Politically, I’m a conservative. In my world, that means I am the most tolerant of people. That’s born of my habit of checking character by comparing words to actions.

I DON’T CARE what color you are or your nationality or your religion. I don’t care about your gender, your lifestyle or your sexual preference.

Nor do I care either way about your political leanings, geo- or otherwise. I don’t care how you feel about global warming. I don’t care whether you agree with me or disagree with me on anything. And I mean AN-NEE-THING. But have enough respect to disagree with what I actually say, not what maybe your perception hears.

Furthermore, you have the right to “self-identify” in any way you wish. You can self-identify as a male with a vagina, a female with a penis, or a Coke bottle cap with a serrated edge for all I care.

Seriously, I flat don’t care about any of that. If I were running a business and you were my employee, I would care only that you show up on time and do your job. Period.

Personally, I would much prefer that all human adults also take responsibility for themselves and their own actions. But really, I don’t even care about that. ‘Cause in my world, that’s where I’m going to place responsibility, firmly.

Today, and Writing

Rolled out at 3 and promptly wasted three-plus hours dealing with political crap, writing and rewriting stuff (intent, remember?) that ended up being the topic above. Ironically, most of the crap was intolerance, primarily from people who preach tolerance. Sigh.

7:10, finally to the novel.

Well, several small breaks and then a long one around lunch time and a trip to dinner and the grocery with my wife. Now my belly’s full so I don’t wanna play anymore for awhile. (grin)

Calling it early at 3 with a little less than my desired word count.

Back tomorrow.

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