New Format Coming

Hey Folks,

Big changes are coming to this website. In my role as a writing instructor, I’ve worked hard to make sure this site has always been a good resource for other writers.

From the free Pro Writers blog posts to the Free Downloads and Writer Resources pages to several different audio lectures, you can learn pretty much anything you want to know to enhance your skills as a writer.

All of those things will still be here.

But this is also an individual writer’s website. It’s where I showcase my own novels, novellas, short stories, and story and poetry collections.

So I’m changing the format a bit.

The Pro Writers blog will continue next week and every two weeks after that (instead of every week). And there are some great posts coming up. As I write this, I’ve pre-scheduled posts all the way out into October 2018.

But beginning today, every other week I’ll highlight some of my own writing, both from my backlist and regarding new releases, special deals and so on.

Just as an overview…

My backlist currently consists of 31 novels, 5 novellas, around 30 short story collections and some 200 short stories. You can visit your favorites by clicking the tabs in the menu above.

I also have a backlist of almost 20 nonfiction books on writing and several poetry collections, though I won’t include any of those in these promotional posts. If you enjoy good poetry, click the Poetry Collections tab and take a look. If you’d like to hone your skills as a writer, click the Writing Books tab.

Among my novels and novellas, some are mystery, some are crime novels and some deal with war. Some are action-adventure or science fiction or science fantasy, and some are historical westerns, meaning they’re mostly set in an historical time period. Many are psychological suspense. Some are in series, yet every novel and every novella also stands alone.

Likewise, the short story collections vary in genre. I’ll plan to cover each series, each novel, each novella and each short story collection in subsequent posts.

But for now, I encourage you to take a look around. Click the tab(s) that most interest you, then click a book cover to read a description for that book.

If you see something you’d like to read, email me at

Tell me which individual title you have in mind (novel, novella or short story collection) and which eformat you prefer (.epub, .mobi or .pdf). I’ll send it to you by return email.

This offer is valid for only a short time, so if you see something that interests you, email me soon.

‘Til next time, happy reading!