What’s Goin’ on Here?

Hi Folks,

As you can tell by the date, this post is not part of the regular rotation of posts on writing (and writing-related matters) that come out on the 1st, 11th, and 21st of each month. But it will be important to at least some of you.

1. I’m posting to my Daily Journal again. As the name implies, that Journal comes out pretty much every day. Mostly it is a diary. In it, I keep a day-by-day account of my work in progress. I also reveal the difficulties and joys, successes and failures of being a professional writer.

Can you really turn out 3,000 or 4,000 or more words of publishable fiction per day? How does a writer go about setting goals? Setting priorities? Where do ideas come from? Is it true that every book writes differently? What does it mean to fail to success?

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Just as a thank you for having read this far, I recommend this Bundle of Writing Books. Most notably, you can get Writing to the Point by Algis Budrys and Discoverability by Kristine Kathryn Rush and Writing the Blockbuster Novel by Albert Zuckerman as well as three other classic writing books for around $15. If you pay a little more, you can get a lot of other books, including some from Dean Wesley Smith.

I also recommend this Smashwords Blog on How to Reach More Readers. It came out a few days ago.

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That’s it for this time. Thanks for listening. I’ll see you again on December 11 with “Finding the Right Web Browser.”

‘Til then, keep writing!