An Important Post for Writers

Hey Folks, Before you read this post, see Dean Wesley Smith’s “Dumbest New Myth In Writing” at It’s important. I also recommend you read the comments that follow the post. Tons of very useful, practical information there. After you’ve read it, here’s my take on the topic of what it costs to indie publish a book, step by step: Step one: I agree. Duh. Step two: If you have a good grounding in the rules … Read more

Read Everything, Think Critically, Accept Only What Feels Right

Hi Folks, Many of you know I put a lot of stock in Dean Wesley Smith’s advice, but sometimes he tosses a blanket over a topic and beats it to death with assumptions and generalizations. When he’s talking about things he knows about, his advice can be golden. I’ve learned a great deal from him. However, he has his prejudices like anyone else. I suspect he was burned once by a bad freelance editor (or book … Read more