Book Sale and Book Giveaway

Hi Folks, Thanks for sticking with me through my absence from posting here on my author website. As you know, this has become my virtual newsletter. In the future, I hope to share tidbits about the worlds in which I write and the characters who inhabit them. But for today, a dual announcement— First, I recently enrolled all of my books at Smashwords in the Authors Give Back Sale. All of my books are marked at … Read more

Confessions of a Professional Psychopath

Hey Folks, Today I wanted to share the only novel that’s still listed under one of my pen names. Enjoy! Charles Claymore Task has been labeled a psychopath by hypocrites who see themselves as “normal.” And a group of wealthy investors want to know what makes him tick.  They ask him to to detail for a film crew what makes people like him tick. At least that’s the initial plan. On film, Charlie describes the abandonment, disillusionment, … Read more

Jobs Like That: A Novella

Hey Folks, I’ll get to the novella Jobs Like That in a moment. But first, like all fiction writers everywhere, I Need Reviews. So I’m creating a Smashwords coupon for each of my major works of fiction. One for each novel, novella and short story collection. In addition to being a major distributor, Smashwords is also an online bookstore. But unlike the other online bookstores, once you purchase a book at Smashwords you can download it … Read more

A Revised Baker’s Dozen: Thirteen Traits of a Professional Writer

Hi Folks, I’m sending this out a little early because, darn it, it’s the Christmas season and I wanna give you a few presents. I’ll slip in an appropriate post on the 21st just to keep the routine of every ten days going. That’s when this one would have gone if I’d left it to its own devices. First, Merry Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you have an enjoyable holiday season. Also, I … Read more