The Journal, Monday, 4/17

Hey Folks, All right. Fourteen days left in the month, inclusive. If I’m gonna meet my monthly goal of writing at least one novel per month and my annual goal of writing at least 15 on the year, I have to get hot. (grin) By the way, that “get hot” thing isn’t pressure. For me, it’s a realizaton and good news. And writing a short story or two along the way wouldn’t kill me either. (Donors, … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 1/25

Hey Folks, Wow. New day, new story, new attitude. Frankly, I hope it will be another novel. After-hours yesterday I created a new cover for The Claim. That’s it on the left if I remember to put it in here. (grin) I’m falling behind, drastically, on my free story of the week. And I don’t really care. Which leads me to today’s topic. Topic: Goals and Reality First, for those who haven’t “heard” me say this … Read more

The Journal, Saturday, 1/21

Hey Folks, Back to writing this morning. Even though I still don’t know how the novel will end, I’m looking forward to finishing so I can start the next one. Rainy and drizzly overnight and this morning, with a little sleet tossed in for good measure, so I’ll be in the Hovel soon probably. For now I’m outside. Probably I’ll hang around the house until everyone’s awake. Topic: Challenges One reason I’m looking forward to this … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, 9/8: Challenges

Rolled out a little before 2 this morning. I think I’m almost caught up on my rest. Still, not much in the mood to write, although I’d better GET in the mood as the clock is ticking for the next short story. (grin) Again I didn’t do much this morning but catch up on more of my preferred reading. Later I also opened all the pics (over 400) from the Gila trip. I separated out the … Read more