New Mentorships Are Available!

Hey folks, Long time no talk-to. I hope you’re all well and muddling through the various lockdowns, hurricanes, wildfires etc. that seem to just keep coming. I’ll be glad when this year is relegated to history. After a solid week of putting together six new mentorship programs and thanks to input from a former mentoring student and from my wife, I’m finally ready to pull the trigger on them. There are six in all. Three are … Read more


Note: The post below is an old one. To see what I offer for mentorships now, please click the Mentorships tab on the website. Thanks, Harvey Hi Folks, Three times in my life, I was fortunate enough to find and take advantage of a mentor. Doing so turbocharged my rise through the learning curve of both the writing craft and the business end of writing.  You can see the result by clicking the various menu items … Read more

On Licensing and the Importance of Copyright

Hi Folks, This special post comes mid=week because, well, it’s important. If you write at all, you need to understand the value of your short story or novel. You need to understand what you own—Copyright. Intellectual Property (IP)—and you need to understand that you own the right to license that IP. As an aside, THIS is the big reason I’ve always been so frantic about getting the next short story or novel out. Because that one … Read more