My Personas

These personas enable me to write with different voices. It’s all very technical. (grin)

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E Stringer 200Eric Stringer is an unapologetic neurotic. He is a miserably failed newspaper reporter whose father was obsessed with one soft spot after another and whose mother didn’t love him enough to care that she didn’t love him enough. Eric writes in a frantic, frenzied style, usually on frantic, frazzled, sometimes horrific or weird subject matter. Read More…. Gervasio 200Gervasio Arrancado was born in a small shack in Mexico and raised in the orphanage at Agua Idelfonso, several kilometers, give or take a few, from the fictional fishing village of Agua Rocosa. He writes magic realism in a rhythmic, poetic voice. If you enjoy the works of Isabel Allende, Borges and Márquez, you will enjoy Gervasio’s stories. Read More….
N-Porter-150-closeNicolas Z “Nick” Porter is an expatriate and an adventurer, having moved in better times to a small place in the hills above the fishing village of Agua Rocosa. He is an an activist for common sense, which he says seems a luxury for most. He was gone from us for awhile, having died, but he’s back. He generally writes spare prose in a serious tone. Read More…. mj 150MJ François is a writer and poet who prefers anonymity and who writes only erotica. She hides her identity even from the various people with whom she experiences the carnal joys that eventually become her work. It is a vast understatement to say MJ is fond of the sensual pleasures that are imbued in and can be derived from the physical human form. Read More….