Regarding “Freelance Editors” Who Do More Than Copyedit

Hi Folks, If you are fortunate enough that a professional writer who is much farther down the road happens to offer a critique of your work (most won’t, and I don’t), consider carefully what he or she has to say. Then decide whether to apply it to your own work. Apply it or discard it. Up to you. However, if you receive any free critique of your writing from anyone else, my advice is to nod, … Read more

Leaving a Jagged Edge

Hi Folks, I first heard the term “jagged edge” (as applicable to writing) used by SF author CJ Cherryh at Eastern NMU in Portales NM. She was talking about writers’ block and how to conquer it. (This technique works well when writing any genre of fiction, not only SF.) If you’re still at the stage where the blank page is intimidating, or if you “get stuck” when you come back to your WIP after time away … Read more

Smashwords Site-Wide Sale

Hey Folks, Are you a reader? A writer? If you’re either or both, it’s time to STOCK UP ON SUMMER READING. ALL 200+ of my titles are On Sale for the entire month of July at 75% off at Smashwords. And yeah, other people’s titles are on sale too. (grin) 75% off means all of my short stories are FREE there. I write across all genres and in several voices. You’re sure to find something you … Read more