Practice Is Important

Hi Folks, Note: This is a time-sensitive post, so I put off the post on bad writing instructors until July 10. Practice Is Important Part I — Rationale and a Harsh Truth About Hovering As it is in all art, practice in writing is important. Without practice, the writing craft and the writing itself goes stale. And as it is in all art, practice in writing is fun, if uncomfortable. Many writers still feel more comfortable … Read more

Jobs Like That: A Novella

Hey Folks, I’ll get to the novella Jobs Like That in a moment. But first, like all fiction writers everywhere, I Need Reviews. So I’m creating a Smashwords coupon for each of my major works of fiction. One for each novel, novella and short story collection. In addition to being a major distributor, Smashwords is also an online bookstore. But unlike the other online bookstores, once you purchase a book at Smashwords you can download it … Read more

The Dark Side of Streaks

Hey Folks, I talked here awhile back about the power of streaks. A “streak” means repeatedly hitting a certain regularly scheduled goal without missing. When you miss, the streak ends. For example, say you are determined to write 1000 words per day every day. The more days you do that in a row, the more powerful the streak becomes because you won’t want to miss. As a nice aside, and if you did do that for … Read more

New Format Coming

Hey Folks, Big changes are coming to this website. In my role as a writing instructor, I’ve worked hard to make sure this site has always been a good resource for other writers. From the free Pro Writers blog posts to the Free Downloads and Writer Resources pages to several different audio lectures, you can learn pretty much anything you want to know to enhance your skills as a writer. All of those things will still … Read more