Writing Memoir

Wait! Before you click off ’cause maybe you aren’t interested in this topic, read this: If you are NOT a subscriber yet over at FrostProof808.com and if you ARE a writer, you want to do yourself a favor and stop over there to read yesterday’s post. I think you’ll enjoy it. (grin) Okay, now go ahead and read about Writing Memoir, below. Hi Folks, I’m pretty sure a lot of folks who read my blog are … Read more

A New Series of Posts

Hi Folks, This is to introduce a new series of posts. Two of my recent posts have been about learning, but many others (especially those on FrostProof808) have been about writing into the dark, a function of the subconscious mind. The thing is, you LEARN with the conscious (critical) mind. You WRITE with your subconscious, creative mind. So this series will be nuts and bolts stuff to feed your conscious mind. What is important will sift … Read more

Learn, But Be Careful Out There

Hi Folks, Note: I’m not sure why this post missed going out on June 1, but I’m looking into it. In any case, here it is a day late. Harvey This is an important blog post. I first posted it over on The Journal in slightly different form. I encourage you to sign up for that blog. It is the more important of the two, and if this one goes away, that one will continue. As … Read more