One of my longtime readers suggested

a new or different promo pic to replace the one in the POW ball cap. He thought that one made me look a little serial killer-ish. (grin) That one now appears only on my bio page, mostly because I refer to the cap toward the end of that page.

In the meantime, I thought you might like to see some of the promo shots I’ve used over the years. You’ll see why I didn’t use some of these. (grin)


A dork speaking at a writers’ conference somwhere, c. 1990s


A dork outside his home near Mustang Corners, Arizona, around two decades ago


A dork signing books alongside author Larry Sweazy sometime in the ’90s.
And nope, no leather patches on the elbows of the jackets


A dork trying to be Wes Crowley-ish. Dressed up for some reason, c. late 1990s


A dork wondering why there are branches coming out of his head and shoulders
That dot on my forehead is a mole, not the mark of a laser-sight.


A dork trying’a look all swave an’ deboner while pretending
to read one of his poetry collections. c. early 1990s


A dork at the Green Valley AZ book fair a few years ago


A dork reading in Gila Lower Box Wilderness, southwest NM
(This is how I look when I’m typing out there too)
That red thing on my right is not a beer-IV bag


A dork on his way to Adobe Walls (Charleston)
next to a massive cottonwood tree along the San Pedro river.


“Whut?” A dork in Charleston ghost town, the town I renamed “Adobe Walls”
in the short story that was the origin of the entire Wes Crowley legend.


A dork who is obviously Not Maintained for Public Use


Finally, all of this has been

That is NOT me sitting at the typewriter. I should be so lucky.