The Rise of a Warrior (Book One, The Wes Crowley Saga)

Hi Folks, After two successive SF novels, here’s something completely different. The Rise of a Warrior is the first prequel and book one in the Wes Crowley saga. Wes Crowley and Otis “Mac” McFadden are teenagers in Watson, Texas, a town some distance north of Amarillo in the Texas Panhandle and the heart of Comancheria, the traditional Comanche homeland. As the boys watch, an impressive group of Texas Rangers ride in to the local livery stable … Read more

Distribution: Exclusivity vs. Going Wide, Part One

Hey Folks, I’ve had questions recently regarding whether writers should “go wide” with electronic publishing and distribution or go exclusively with Amazon. There’s also a great deal of talk about this topic on the Internet in various groups at at various websites. Today I’ll add my two cents. Ostensibly, when they talk about exclusivity, writers are talking about distributing only through Amazon’s KDP Select program. Now, you CAN distribute only to Barnes & Noble or Kobo … Read more

On Being a Hack Writer

Hey Folks, <Character stands up tentatively from a brown metal folding chair:> Hello. My name is Harvey Stanbrough and I’ve become accustomed to the idea that I am a hack writer.<Character resumes his seat.> That doesn’t mean I write stories about taxicabs, but that I write far too fast and turn out so much work that no possible way could it be any good. (grin) Never mind that my poetry and fiction is taught in at … Read more

Dangers of Not Trusting The Creative Voice (a guest post)

Hey Folks, Today we have a guest post from USA Today best selling writer Dean Wesley Smith. I’ve added a comment at the end. Enjoy. Dangers of Not Trusting The Creative Voice Things Stop When You Lose Faith In The Creative Voice… I watch this loss all the time and hear about it from hundreds of writers over every year. Not trusting your creative voice is deadly. This came up a couple days ago when I … Read more