Cave Creek, Nevada

Hi Folks, A short post today for an exciting announcement. Over the next few months, I’ll be writing stories for a great new series of anthologies set in the fictional town of Cave Creek, Nevada. Asked how he would describe Cave Creek, the “mayor” of the town and editor of the anthologies, Dean Wesley Smith, said, “If Twilight Zone still existed, it’s home town would be Cave Creek.” The first anthology will be historical, set in … Read more

The Journal, Sunday, 4/30

Hey Folks, Yesterday, after I filed my Journal, I was out in the Hovel messing around. Bought a new shop vac and carried it out there. After I set it where I wanted it, I thought I’d enjoy a cigar and a few games of Spider. So I sat down at my writing ‘puter, raised the lid and turned on the mouse. And the first sentence of a short story popped into my head. So I … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 4/26

Hey Folks, Very short post today. Knowing me, I’ll be back with longer stuff tomorrow. Today, and Writing Rolled out at 3. Dabbled in what people call “politics” for awhile, but that isn’t an intense enough word. 5:30, I set aside the impulse to chew wheels and spit nails and escaped to the story. Cycling, of course. Wrote for about a half-hour, then got busy around the yard, then a walk with my wife, then Walmart, … Read more

Setting Goals — 2016 Is Almost Here

Hey Folks, If you’re a human being with dreams and aspirations, this is a great time to be thinking about what you want to attain or achieve in 2016. If you’re a writer, that means thinking about goals. At the minimum I recommend setting a daily writing goal, one that automatically resets at the beginning of each time period. If your goal is to write 1000 words per day and you meet or exceed it, great. … Read more

The Journal, Friday, 12/11

Hi Folks, Still under the weather a bit today but definitely on the mend. It feels good knowing by this time tomorrow I ought’a be back to my normal level of unhealthinessicity. (grin) The Day Rolled out a little before 3 this morning. Sometime overnight my subconscious set up an alarm reminding me to get the “boxed set” of the Wes Crowley novels out for that one guy who might want it for Christmas. (grin) So … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, 12/10

Hi Folks, Okay, I had a bit of a rough night last night, but the lag isn’t too bad. So my goal for today is to write two separate short stories. If I can do that, I should shoot straight past my daily publishable-words writing goal. This is my way of jumpstarting myself back into writing after finishing the novel. Helps me avoid the post-writeum depression. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t celebrate finishing a novel. … Read more

Write What You Know — Seriously?

Howdy Folks, How many times has some pundit told you to “write what you know”? Uh, no. That is bad advice. Maybe the baddest advice ever, and I mean that in the old sense of “baddest,” before we started dumbing down the language. I mean “worst.” It’s bad advice because the connotation is that you should write ONLY what you know. So what? You’re supposed to write what you DON’T know? Yes. Of course. You should … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, 9/17: Critical Mind. Ugh.

When asked what advice he would give new writers, Ray Bradbury said, “Write at least a thousand words a day for ten years. Write at least a short story every week of your life, or its equivalent in essay form, play form or the novel. … Habit is everything. Learning one’s craft is locked into habit.” So there you go. Got a good night’s sleep last night despite the idiot dog across the way doing his bark-at-nothing … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 9/16: Challenges

Well, rolled out a little before 2 this morning. I was wide awake when I got up, but I’ve been tired most of the day. My hobby is photography. I started it mostly so I could take my own cover shots for my books. I have a decent DSLR (Sony SLT A65) and some limited knowledge how to take good pics. Like writing, it takes practice more than anything else. But I have very limited technical knowledge … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, 9/15: Have Fun

Up right at 2 this morning at my little girl’s insistence. It’s all good. She’s a good baby. I’m being lazy this morning. It took me over an hour to email a response to a lady who runs a nonprofit. Stuff about how to do things on her WordPress website. Yep, I still haven’t learned. Well, they either take the advice or they don’t. It isn’t like I’m getting royalties. Yawn. I saw a video (posted … Read more