Appendix A: Examples of Hooks

All of the following hooks are from published short stories or novels. The first thirty-some are mine. The others are from a few professional writer friends. My sincere thanks to the writers who allowed me to use excerpts (hooks) from their works. Each of them have many more stories and novels than those I have listed here. I hope you will find their works and purchase them. Some are calm hooks, those that set a quiet … Read more

Of Importance to Writers

Hi Folks, Tomorrow the Story of the Week will post. And then on Wednesday, Feb 24, Appendix A of Writing the Character-Driven Story will post. Today I thought I’d sneak in a few notes from my latest Daily Journal blog that are of interest to all writers, or certainly should be. I urge you to check out these links. Doing so will be to your benefit. If you’re a writer and you want to read something … Read more

Chapter 5 — Writing the Hook

First, a note: Oh good lord. If you’re a writer and you want to read something great, do yourself a major favor and read Dean’s post on Day-Job Thinking vs. Long-Term Thinking. Absolutely excellent. Second, sorry this is late. I think I forgot to categorize it as part of the Pro Writers category. Okay, now to Chapter 5. I almost included this as part of Chapter 4 — Writing the Opening, but the hook is such … Read more

Chapter 4 — Writing the Opening

Note: Not sure why this post didn’t send through MailChimp yesterday morning, but it should go out this morning at 8 a.m. Also, for anyone who would like a copy NOW, I published this full book yesterday (Writing the Character-Driven Story). If you are a subscriber, you already received your copy. You may also catch it here one chapter at a time through March 30. Or you may purchase a copy at your favorite ebook retailer … Read more

Chapter 3 — Story Starters and Where to Get Ideas

Note: If you’re interested in Irish food, clothing and other unique items, visit Celtic Clothing. This past Christmas season I ordered two sets of Guiness pint pub glasses. When the order arrived, there was only one set. When I emailed them, they apologized, explained that their supplier had failed, and then refunded the full price of my original order, almost $50. They insisted I keep the first set of pub glasses as a gift and apologized … Read more