A very special blog post

Hi Folks, If you live in southeast Arizona and you are an aspiring writer who can’t seem to find time to write has never heard of Heinlein’s Rules HAS heard of Heinlein’s Rules but have amended them because you think they’re too good to be true believe you have to “polish” your work before publication believe you have to rewrite X number of times before publication believe you have to write X number of drafts before … Read more

It’s Columbus Day

Hi Folks, Well, here it is. Today is the day we celebrate Columbus Day, although it’s actually one day later than the actual date on which Christopher Columbus was falsely credited with “discovering” America. Of course, in order to give some of us an extra day off per year, we have to conveniently ignore (or at the most honest, set aside) the one big, overriding question: How can anyone “discover” a land in which other people … Read more