Reading Order

The reading order for most of my series is pretty straightforward.

Science Fiction / Science Fantasy

The Future Of Humanity (FOH) series (better known as The Ark Series or The Journey Home series) consists of these books:

  • The Ark: The Journey Home
  • The Journey Home Part 2
  • The Journey Home Part 3
  • The Journey Home Part 4
  • The Journey Home Part 5
  • The Journey Home Part 6
  • The Journey Home Part 7
  • The Journey Home Part 8
  • The Journey Home Part 9
  • Terra 2

In the For The Good of the Galaxy series—really only two books thus far—read in this order:

  • The First Nine Days
  • The Battle Begins

I may or may not return to this series as I wasn’t personally happy with it.

Another two-volume story is told in these two books, and they have nothing to do with aliens.

  • In the Siberian Fields
  • The Claim

Yet one more two-volume story (thus far) is told in these two books. I probably will return to write a few more in this budding series:

  • The 13-Month Turn
  • The Stirchians: Rose’s Story

Five of my SF titles are stand-alone novels with no plans for sequels, though I might return to write more about the aliens in The Consensus. Writing their story was a great deal of fun:

  • The Storm
  • The Consensus
  • The Day the Earth Shuddered and Went Dark
  • Terminus Loop
  • The Advent of Simon Stark

You can find book pages and descriptions for all of my SF books at


The chronological reading sequence for my Wes Crowley Saga is fairly straightforward. At this writing (May 13, 2023) I have written 73 novels. The number in parentheses indicates the overall number of that particular novel in my canon.

The twelve novels set farthest to the left comprise the original Wes Crowley Saga. Those indented are the novels of the Wes Crowley Gap series. Chronologically, they all fit between the second and third novels of the original saga.

Perhaps it is worth noting that as of this date, the first novel I ever wrote (Leaving Amarillo) and the last (The Road to Amarillo) are both in this series.

The Wes Crowley Saga

  • Rise of a Warrior (5)
  • Comanche Fire (6)
    • Assignment Brownsville (63)
    • The Comancheros (64)
    • In the New Mexico Territory (65)
    • Return to the New Mexico Territory (66)
    • Carmen Morales (68)
    • Santa Fe: A New Era (70)
    • The Road to Santa Fe (71)
    • Wes Crowley: Deputy US Marshal (72)
    • The Road to Amarillo (73)
  • Wes Crowley: Texas Ranger (7)
  • Leaving Amarillo (1)
  • Longing for Mexico (2)
  • South to Mexico (3)
  • The Marshal of Agua Perlado (8)
  • The Battle of Tres Caballos (9)
  • The Scent of Acacias (11)
  • The Right Cut (16)
  • In the Cantina at Noon (43)
  • Wes Crowley: The Final Chapter (62)

Wes Crowley also appears in Rider Jones: The Marshal (novel 61) and in numerous short stories, some of which predate the novels and some of which are derived from them.

Wes’ descendents appear in The Day the Earth Shuddered and Went Dark (novel 19, SF) and in No Kind’a Time (novel 17, action-adventure).

You can find book pages and descriptions for all my westerns at


All of the mysteries may be read in any order.

Nine of those novels feature Stern Talbot, even though only five have his name on the cover. These also may be read in any order. But for those who wish to know the order in which I wrote them, that sequence is as follows.

  • Without a Clue
  • The Pyramid Killer
  • The Platinum Blond Perturberance
  • The Unfortunate Case of His Mother’s Virginity
  • The Case of the Troubled Actress
  • The Case of the Sliced-Up Secretary
  • The Case of the Missing Body
  • The Case of the Disappearing Worm
  • The Case of the Mourning Widow

The stand-alone mystery novels include the following:

  • Body Language
  • The Clearing
  • The Implications
  • Loose Ends
  • Situation Solved

You may find the book pages and descriptions for all of these at

Action-Adventure and Thriller

The crime-thriller novels include the one-off Jonah Peach and the twenty-four-volume (so far) Blackwell Ops series.

You can see the entire Blackwell Ops series at this page on StoneThread Publishing. The reading sequence for the series is revealed across the top of each cover.

The action-adventure novels include the four-volume Nick Spalding series. Again, the reading sequence is also denoted on the cover:

  • Nightfall
  • Transitions
  • Coincidence
  • Consequences

The action-adventure section also includes these stand-alone novels or novellas:

  • The Cazadores Lounge and Lonely Place
  • No Kind’a Time
  • Nothing for Nothing
  • Keeper of the Promise
  • Confessions of a Professional Psychopath
  • Jobs Like That
  • A Rough New World
  • A Little Time

Keeper of the Promise is not only action-adventure but magic realism as well.

As I said above, you can find book pages and descriptions for all of these books at