In the Siberian Fields

Hey Folks, Back to science fiction this week. Today’s offering presents a  somewhat horrific future-Earth scenario. Could you mine the bones of your own ancestors? And if so, at what cost? In the early 22nd century, the Earth is governed by the World Equality Organization (WEO). Like all corrupt governments, they not-so subliminally strive to plant imagined problems for the citizenry, then parlay the citizens’ fear into power. The Jewish people, who for centuries have been … Read more

The Basic Rules of Flight (a bonus post)

Hey Folks, This is a bonus “extra” post, not in the regular rotation. It’s a short bit I thought you might find amusing and, with any luck, useful. I first saw “The Basic Rules of Flight” in an article by US Navy Pilot Nicole Scherer in the August 2018 issue of Air & Space Smithsonian magazine. The Basic Rules of Flight 1. Try to stay in the middle of the air. 2. Do not go near … Read more

Reviews (sigh)

Hey folks, I’ve all but given up on seeking reviews for my work. I never did actively “seek” them, other than mentioning, now and then, that I would appreciate a review if a reader enjoyed one of my novels. But this morning (as I write this) I read Nick Hoffelder’s article “Authors Are Taking Friendly Fire in Amazon’s War on Fake Reviews” (link at the end of this post) and clicked a link in his article … Read more

The Implications

Hey Folks This time I thought I’d go back to a crime/mystery/suspense novel. In The Implications, a body washes up on the beach in a normally quiet rural town. Naturally, the marshal suddenly finds he has his hands full. But when the body proves to have ties to known mobsters, the marshal’s job gets a lot tougher very quickly. And the coroner’s brand new assistant being a dead ringer for the marshal’s deceased wife only adds … Read more

Let Barking Dogs Lie (a guest post)

Hey Folks, Today’s post is a short but excellent guest post I purloined from my friend, Dan Baldwin. It first appeared as a Tip of the Week over at Four Knights Press ( Enjoy. Tip of the Week: Let Barking Dogs Lie “That damned reviewer hated my novel!” “The boss hated my e-mail!” “I got an F on my essay!” “They rejected my short story!” “They panned my poem!” Regardless of what you write, you will … Read more