Microsoft Word: Setting Up the Quick Access Toolbar

This is not some asinine April Fool’s joke, but an actual post. Enjoy! Hi Folks, Time really is money, and one way to save a great deal of time when using Microsoft Word is to set up your Quick Access Toolbar. Doing so will also give you more screen space, a bonus if you’ve had your eyes more than about 12 years. We talked about the menu (also called the ribbon) last time, but the fact … Read more

To Be or Not To Be

Howdy folks, This is yet another in the “out of the series” series of mid-term posts that might answer a few questions for some of you. Recently a friend and fellow writer asked me for a recommendation of someone who could read his work. He explained that he wasn’t looking for an edit or even a proofread, but simply wanted someone to read it with an eye toward whether he should continue writing or shuck the … Read more

Microsoft Word for Writers: Setting Up the Menu

Hi Folks, There are several items available for use in the Word menu (also called the Ribbon), and most of us use the Ribbon as-is out of the box. However, just in case you want to customize it, here are some brief instructions. In this screenshot, the Ribbon is the horizontal white area that includes the menu tabs: File, Home, Insert, Page Layout, Review, and View. Other tabs are available (see Figure 5), but these are … Read more

Defining “A Huge Amount of Time”

Hi Folks, Well, here we are with another post that isn’t part of the usual series. Still, even with these that are not part of the normal series, I try to pass along what I’ve learned as a writer. This post is the result of an email I received in response to a recent short story of the week. The respondent (also a writer) writes, [H]ow do you manage to get all these  stories edited?  Congratulations … Read more

Microsoft Word for Writers: Introduction

Hi Folks, This post and the next seven are excerpted and expanded from a seminar I put together awhile back titled “Microsoft Word for Writers.” I also posted this series before, a couple years ago, on this blog. However, I have updated the information where necessary. I encourage you to comment and share new information, but please question, comment or expand only on the topic of the current post. Today’s post briefly introduces Microsoft Word and … Read more

On Being Selfish

Hey Folks, This is another “extra” post, not part of the regular 10-day cycle. If I could assume the attitude of any other writer, it would be that of Ray Bradbury. There are a lot of quotations about him and from him, but the one biggie I always associate with him is, “I love to write. It’s all I do.” It’s very easy for me to allow myself to slip into living in the past. Had … Read more

Read an Ebook Week Special Offer

Hi Folks, Over at Smashwords, any of my fiction—short stories, novellas or novels—that’s regularly priced at $2.99 or higher is 50% off this week only, now through March 7. To take full advantage of this offer, simply select the books you want and then apply coupon code RAE50 when you check out. Be sure to check for short stories, collections, novels and novellas on my page and on Eric Stringer’s page. Also, you’ll find short stories … Read more

A Few Guidelines for Writers

Hi Folks, The guidelines below are truisms, facts, not opinions. They will work for hobby writers, part-time writers and professional writers. If you are not a writer or if you believe you have to “suffer” for your art or any of that, they won’t work for you. Note: I’m all about intentions and facts, not perceptions. If you disagree with any or all of this post, please don’t email me. I’ll just smile, shrug and say, … Read more