Leaving Amarillo

Hey Folks, This time I thought I’d showcase my very first novel. Although it was the first novel written in the series, with the advent of three prequels, Leaving Amarillo actually is Book 4 in the Wes Crowley saga. The saga spans 60 years in the life of Texas Ranger Wes Crowley. The titles are arranged chronologically, but each also is a stand-alone novel. In Leaving Amarillo, Wes Crowley and Otis “Mac” McFadden are lifelong friends. … Read more

If You’re a Writer and I’m a Reader, You Owe Me Something

Hey Folks, There were a lot of good comments on James Scott Bell’s “Editing is Dying, Grunting Soon to Follow” in the Kill Zone blog. If you haven’t read it (I recommend it) you can find the post and the comments at https://killzoneblog.com/2018/04/editing-is-dying-grunting-soon-to-follow.html. Reading the comments was an eye-opening experience. Someone, a writer no less, actually advocated for the spelling of “all right” as “alright,” which, honestly, is just laziness. It’s the same reason some folks … Read more

The Clearing

Hey Folks, Back to books written under my own name. Something for crime/mystery/detective fans out there. The clearing. It’s beautiful. It’s remote. It’s a perfect setting for magic and romance and the plucking of young, ripe, forbidden fruit. And it’s a graveyard. This is a strongly emotional, fast-paced crime thriller / psychological suspense novel. On one side, Randall B Cregg’s father has always hoped his son would feel a calling to take over the church someday. … Read more

Have a Clue

Hey Folks,   This morning (as I write this) I read a new post on a site I often reference. I was stunned, and not in a good way. I was reminded again of the preacher in the film “Oh God.” The problem was, the preacher was a hypocrite. God (played by George Burns) said, “The guy ought to be selling Earth shoes.” That sums up my philosophy about entirely too many so-called writing instructors. I … Read more

Confessions of a Professional Psychopath

Hey Folks, Today I wanted to share the only novel that’s still listed under one of my pen names. Enjoy! Charles Claymore Task has been labeled a psychopath by hypocrites who see themselves as “normal.” And a group of wealthy investors want to know what makes him tick.  They ask him to to detail for a film crew what makes people like him tick. At least that’s the initial plan. On film, Charlie describes the abandonment, disillusionment, … Read more