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Clearing Out the Myths

$39 per topic — These mentorships are focused on recognizing, understanding and clearing out the myths of writing. The goal is to help you get out of your own way so you can actually write fiction.

Each of these includes an electronic copy of my book, Quiet the Critical Voice (and Write Fiction). Make your selection(s) from the list of subtopics below.

Topics include

* Finding time to write (includes an exercise, not mandatory but strongly recommended)
* Believing in yourself (you are only one reader)
* Overcoming the fear of failure (and the fear of success)
* A discussion of Heinlein’s Rules
* A discussion of Writing Into the Dark
* Establishing and assessing priorities
* Establishing a writing habit
* Establishing the ability to Keep Coming Back
* Setting obtainable goals that make you reach
* Why I don’t recommend outlining and other pre-writing structures

If you’re interested in Clearing Out the Myths or if you have any questions, email me at harveystanbrough@gmail.com.

Inventory, Sales and Licensing

$39 per topic — These mentorships are focused on helping you gain control of your intellectual property (IP) inventory and helping you get or increase sales.

Topics include

* In-depth discussion of IP (what it is and is not, how to keep track of it). Each story you create can contain several IPs.
* Setting up an IP spreadsheet
* What is Copyright?
* Personalized instruction on basic cover design techniques, using aggregators for eformatting, and a recommendation on how to write sales copy (cover blurbs, descriptions, etc.)
* Discussion of the publishing world today, and personalized instruction on setting up a publishing company and indie publishing
* Compiling and publishing a short story collection or omnibus
* Licensing possibilities personalized to your IP (they’re practically endless)
* Personalized licensing advice

Because the instruction and brainstorming in these mentorships are tailored to your specific IP, this is much more in-depth than anything I can post in the Journal or elsewhere.

If you’re interested in Inventory, Sales and Licensing or if you have any questions, email me at harveystanbrough@gmail.com.

The Fine Print

These mentorships are an opportunity for me to help other writers and would-be writers benefit from what I’ve learned over a lifetime of writing and publishing. Unlike various online lectures, workshops, seminars and classes, my mentorships are not one size fits all.

For several years, I’ve mentored other writers through my blog on this site and in the Journal, through over a dozen non-fiction books on writing and publishing, through several audio lectures, and in private live seminars and presentations at writers conferences and conventions across the US and in Canada. To learn more about me or my writing, read my bio.

My mentorships are never scripted and are neither audio nor video presentations. They are purely personal, one-on-one relationships with ongoing direct regular contact with me primarily via email. We might enhance those conversations with phone calls or in person if you’re in (or can travel to) southeast Arizona.

I have been mentored myself by two writing greats: Science Fiction Grand Master Jack Williamson, and USA Today and NY Times bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith. As my own writing career attests, good mentorships are invaluable.

I will take on multiple students. However, whichever mentorship you choose, it and all discussions, instructions and assignments will be tailored to fit the length and style of fiction that YOU write and focus around YOUR writing and YOUR life.

One size definitely does not fit all.

Mentorship Fees and Payments

I believe my fees are the lowest in the industry for valid, quality instruction. All fees must be paid in advance by personal check or via PayPal.


If you endure an unforeseen life crisis and need to cancel your mentorship, I’ll refund your payment (pro-rated) up to ten days after you begin. If something happens after that, talk with me.

Privacy and Security

All mentorships include limited Q&A by email or phone, or in person if you’re in the region.

Of course, I will never give away or sell your email address, phone number, physical address or any other private information about you. I assume if you want anyone else to know that information, you’ll tell them yourself.

Naturally, you retain all rights to all of your intellectual property (IP), including what you turn into me for assignments. I will never use your stories or parts of your stories in any way other than for instructional purposes with you or (anonymously, but with your express permission) with others.

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