The Journal, Sunday, 4/16

Hey Folks, A few days ago I mentioned here that all the coyotes and other predators seem to have left the area. A day after I wrote that, the owls were back and I had a scare. This morning, the coyotes are back. Well now, isn’t that the way it always works? (grin) From around 4 a.m. I was serenaded for almost an hour straight by song dogs. No owls as yet, but I’m sure they’re … Read more

The Journal, Monday, 4/10

Hey Folks, I meant to say thank you yesterday to those of you who emailed me privately with ideas for publishing a paper edition of two novels in one book like they did with some of the old pulp novels. I appreciate all the input. Still not sure it’s worth all the effort just to produce a novelty that only I would appreciate. (grin) But if I take that path, I’ll keep you posted. * * … Read more