Cave Creek, Nevada

Hi Folks,

A short post today for an exciting announcement.

Over the next few months, I’ll be writing stories for a great new series of anthologies set in the fictional town of Cave Creek, Nevada.

Asked how he would describe Cave Creek, the “mayor” of the town and editor of the anthologies, Dean Wesley Smith, said, “If Twilight Zone still existed, it’s home town would be Cave Creek.”

The first anthology will be historical, set in the past. The second will be set in the present, and the third will be set in the future.

To view a short video about Cave Creek and to read the story behind it, Click here to see the Cave Creek Kickstarter.

If you also happen to also be a writer, there are some great rewards attached to this Kickstarter campaign, and there’s even still time to jump into the Shared Worlds class, Dean talks about that at the Kickstarter too.

I hope to see you in Cave Creek!