Requesting Your Recommendations

Hi Folks,

Every now and then over the years, especially over at the Journal, I ask fellow writers for recommendations for websites. Most often I hear crickets.

I’m not sure whether there are no other websites that you visit, or whether you just don’t want to share. Or maybe I’m just not specific enough with my request.

I’ll try again.

Please recommend the websites of any authors who

1. have written and published 10 or more novels or 100 or more short stories (traditional or indie) and

2. who share their experience and/or wisdom in a blog, BUT

Please DO NOT recommend any websites of authors who

1. are not successful from at least a productivity standpoint and

2. in their “advice” to writers offer nothing but the same old tired myths. I won’t share and perpetuate the myths, and frankly I don’t really want to waste my time reading regurgitated nonsense.

That’s it. That’s what I need. And I need it so I can share it with all of you and with a wider audience on the Writers Resources page of this website.

Recently, Alexander T, a friend in Russia, shared the website of Russell Blake. Blake is comparable to Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Katherine Rusch, and me with his productivity. Five and one-half years into his journey as a novelist, he’d just finished his 51st novel.

He’s also a plotter, and says outlining first is more efficient. Hey, to each his own. Obviously it works for him, and I’m happy for him.

I personally can’t bring myself to outline only because I can’t imagine wanting to write a story when I already know the story. For me, that’s boring. But that’s me. If you can write an outline and then the story, more power to you, though I hope you’ll allow the outline to serve only as a guide.

But Blake has things of value to teach us all.

Finally, he’s also fantastically successful as a NY Times and USA Today bestselling novelist. (It doesn’t hurt that he writes Romance and Young Adult titles, in addition to other things. I’ll be ordering one of those other things today.)

You can find links to a couple of his posts in the “Of Interest” section of my Journal at I also encourage you to check out his website, especially at

If you know of any writers who fit the first set of criteria above, please mention them in the comments on the website or email me. Share the wealth.

Occasionally, too, I stumble across the website of an author who is not so accomplished but still offers great advice. Such is the case with Adela Crandell Durkee, whom I featured in the Journal at

Ms. Durkee is the exception that proves the rule. She is still mired in many of the myths, but she doesn’t preach them. And what she does preach (and how she preaches it) is pure gold if you’re paying attention.

That’s it for this time. ‘Til next time, happy writing!