New Mentorships Are Available!

Hey folks,

Long time no talk-to. I hope you’re all well and muddling through the various lockdowns, hurricanes, wildfires etc. that seem to just keep coming. I’ll be glad when this year is relegated to history.

After a solid week of putting together six new mentorship programs and thanks to input from a former mentoring student and from my wife, I’m finally ready to pull the trigger on them.

There are six in all. Three are writing-intensive: The Writing Craft I, II, and III. You can see those at If you’ve ever seriously considered upping your game as a fiction writer, this might be the time.

The other three are non-writing but writing related: Clearing Out the Myths, Inventory and Sales, and Licensing. You can see those at

In “The Gist” on each of those pages, you’ll see my rationale and experience. Farther down on each page, I wrote about the fees (and payments, if necessary); refunds, and issued a privacy and security statement.

I see these mentorships as an opportunity for me to help other writers and would-be writers benefit from what I’ve learned over a lifetime of writing and publishing.

Best of all, unlike various other online lectures, workshops, seminars and classes from different sources, my mentorships are not one size fits all.

I hope you’ll take a look and let me know what you think. As always, comments and questions are welcome via email or on this post.

Since I talked with you last, I’ve written and published my 50th novel. I also have 8 novellas, over 200 short stories, hundreds of poems and well over a dozen non-fiction books on writing. May you have even greater success.

‘Til next time, keep writing!