Get My Books in These Great Bundles

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DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY bundleDuty, Honor, Country

Duty, Honor, CountryThe Spring — Mark Smith, an old retired Marine, is not happy with the state of the nation. But he’s only cleaning his rifle, a weekly ritual held over from the old days.

Politically, he leans one way, his wife the other. Protector and protected, neither able to exprience the other’s worldview. Will it matter?

Get these eight tales of bravery and heroism for $4.99.



GumshoesWithout A Clue — The young new guy is more defective than detective.

It ought to be a routine takedown, albeit of a rising Mafia star. But old age and treachery will overcome youth and vigor every time. On both sides of the law.

With works by Kevin J. Anderson, Dean Wesley Smith and a host of others, this is a truly great bundle. Get 14 books for only $7.99.


Death Before Defeat

Death Before DefeatThe 13-Month Turn — What causes the earthquake-like vibrations that tremor regularly through moon colony Arzachel 1? Rumors abound of an alien force on Luna staging a planned invasion of Earth.

But human nature tends to ignore feelings of dread rather than facing them head-on.

This bundle of 10 novels also contains my SF novel, The Consensus. And right now, you can get this great bundle for only $5.99!

ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE bundleAnother Time Another Place

Another Time Another PlaceThis is a bundle of bundles, including one of my own 10-story collections. Mobster Tales runs the gamut from the hokey to the humorous, the wannabes to the would’a-beens, the chilling to the childish to the deadly serious.

Of course you also get 10 other collections from great writers like Kevin J. Anderson, Dean Wesley Smith and Russ Crossley, all for only $2.99. Come along for some great reading fun!

DYSTOPIA bundleDystopia

DystopiaA Rough New World — Homeless combat veteran Ray Acuna took a weekly trip to the post office to check for mail. Unfortunately, he got a great deal more than mail. And a great deal more than he bargained for.

Missiles. Mayhem. Apocalypse? One moment, he has a satisfactory, if less than ideal, life and all the time in the world. The next, not so much.

Get all 11 ebooks for a measly $3.99.

GUNS OF THE WEST bundleGuns Of The West

Guns Of The WestNo Kind’a Time — On a stakeout in the desert, Arizona Ranger Dale Crowley recognizes the gun-runner who escaped justice years earlier when he raped and beat a young girl.

And the bad guy delivers a chilling edict. So, how far would you go to protect your child?

This bundle also contains my novellette, “A Turning Point for Charlie Pilsen,” and 7 other books, all for only $2.99!