Smashwords Site-Wide Sale

Hey Folks,

Are you a reader? A writer? If you’re either or both, it’s time to STOCK UP ON SUMMER READING.

ALL 200+ of my titles are On Sale for the entire month of July at 75% off at Smashwords. And yeah, other people’s titles are on sale too. (grin)

75% off means all of my short stories are FREE there. I write across all genres and in several voices. You’re sure to find something you enjoy. Maybe several somethings. (grin)

All of my novels (for readers and writers) and nonfiction books for writers are on sale for 75% off the cover price.

To take advantage of this sale visit Then put FrostProof808 into the Search box at the right. Select your titles and add the code SSW75 at checkout to get the discount.

Whether I do this again will depend on how many sales I get this time, so get hot! 🙂 And enjoy!

(Please note that this does NOT apply at Amazon or any other retailer. But you can get ANY eformat at Smashwords, even PDF.)

‘Til next time, keep reading and writing.