The Journal, Monday, 2/20

Hey Folks, The “Of Interest” section most often (like today) has a referral to Dean Wesley Smith’s site, but not always. Sometimes it has other stuff too. A few days ago I posted a link here to an article about “sensitivity readers” now being employed by the traditional publishing houses. This morning I received three emails from subscribers to this Journal giving me that same link. (grin) I urge you to check out “Of Interest” each … Read more

The Journal, Sunday, 2/19

Hey Folks, Likely to be a limited writing day today again, kind of a semi day off. I plan to write, but I’ll let other things take precedence. What does that mean? I want to write, and I will write, but I won’t worry about writing. If/when I get to it, good. No stress. Today, and Writing Rolled out at 3, finally to the novel at 5:30. I wrote off and on over about four hours. … Read more

The Journal, Saturday, 2/18

Hey Folks, Well, I’ll be writing today, but much of it will be in the house and therefore subject to interruption. I’ll be helping with things around here that I didn’t get done during the week (laundry, etc.). I originally planned to go camping in the Lower Box Gila Wilderness (north of Lordsburg, NM) this weekend. But there was a threat of rain, and storms there are as wild and rugged as the place itself. So … Read more

The Journal, Friday, 2/17

Hey Folks, Wow. Long post today. I pulled out my guitar (Martin HD-28) yesterday when the kid and I got back from town around 4:15. Pulled out a pick and showed my grandson how much I’ve forgotten. (grin) No “Under the Double Eagle,” no “Wildwood Flower,” and no “House of the Rising Sun,” though I did manage to hack my way through a stiff, stuttering version of one instrumental piece called “Pipeline.” (I finally remembered the … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, 2/16

Hey Folks, Welcome to a couple of recent new subscribers. I hope you enjoy following along on this journey and that you take some nuggets from it that will help in your own writing. I won’t mention you by name because this is a secret society of very strange people. (grin) * * * That brough up a memory. While I was still in the Marine Corps and serving in C Battery of Second Light Anti-Aircraft … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 2/15

Hey Folks, Well, another slow start to the day. I slept too long. But if the writing day turns out as well as yesterday did, I’m all in. I realized this morning I have all of my novels in BundleRabbit, but none of my short stories. Reckon I’ll add some of those as time allows. They can’t be included in bundles if they aren’t available. Duh. But as always, writing new stuff takes precedence. If you … Read more

The Source

Jonathan Kirski worked hard all day in sub-zero weather to mine the bodies—the source of the calcium extract—from his claim in the Siberian burial field. The reality of the claim was very different from what was depicted in the training films. In the films, there were no mouths frozen open, no severely discolored and ice-burned skin. There were no extra body parts stuck to the outside of the wrong body when the one next to it … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, 2/14

Hey Folks, Happy belated St. Valentine’s Day. I was thinking only yesterday that I needed to buy my wife a card because I was vaguely aware this day was coming up sometime or other. Yes, I post a Daily Journal, meaning I’m pretty much always aware of the day and date, yet somehow “vaguely aware” is my standard. Sigh. * * * I spent a couple hours just reading selected articles on various newsletters. There are … Read more

Excuses and the Fine Art of Self Sabotage

Hi Folks, Happy St. Valentine’s Day. Today we have a guest post by professional fiction writer Dean Wesley Smith. Dean has made his living as a professional fiction writer for four decades. This post was originally published on his website on January 23, 2017. Here we go. Excuses… Last week I came to the sudden realization that most of us modern writers are lazy. While at the same time convincing ourselves we are not. We convince … Read more

The Journal, Monday, 2/13

Hey Folks, This Journal is kind of a social thing for me, isn’t it? I enjoy chatting with my friends each day. Thanks for being there. If you didn’t read the topic in yesterday’s Journal you might want to read it before reading the one below. Just sayin’. You can find it at * * * Very strange night here. One of the things that annoys me most are when people say, “One thing about … Read more