The Journal, Friday, 2/3

Hey Folks, I almost made this a topic, but it’s mostly rambling so I didn’t. Dean often says “Check in with yourself.” And I often do. I’ve checked back over a lot of my Journal entries (that’s what it’s for on this end), and I’m seeing what I suspected. I tend to do my fastest and cleanest writing in that limited few hours from around noonish to 4. (But not today.) This doesn’t mean I’m going … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, 2/2

Hey Folks, Very short post today. For the past several early mornings, I’ve noticed a planet high in the sky. I kept wondering what it is, assumed either Jupiter or maybe Saturn. This morning, finally, I got my camera out and zoomed in on it. Just Venus. That was annoying. I’ve had several shots of Venus and was hoping for something new. Cold this morning, but at least the wind’s laid down for now. Without the … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 2/1

Hey Folks, For those who wonder (and thanks for your comments), my grandson Bryan is doing well. He’s working into a routine, spending about 4 hours per day reading and doing some self-study toward his GED. Yesterday he also started looking around and applying for jobs online. That is primarily to take up some of his current spare time vs. playing an online game he’s fond of. He recognizes his own weaknesses and limitations and is … Read more