The Journal, Tuesday, 7/7

The Day Rolled out at 2. Checked email, then did some things with an old friend’s website. Cleaned it up a bit. Had another good walk this morning. Just under 4.5 miles out along a rural road out here. I used to walk in town but I don’t care for getting bit by all the “good” dogs out there who “wouldn’t harm a fly, really.” Right. Checked Dean’s blog. More on that in the topic of … Read more

The Journal, Monday, 7/6

The Day Rolled out at 2:30. Had a good walk this morning up an arroyo. Four wheeler ATVs hadn’t torn it up too badly, but neither was the sandy bottom quite as packed as I hoped it would be from the rain. Back on roads for awhile I guess. Been just doing little or nothing most of the morning. Topic of the Night: Quick, Somebody Stop Me I hate misunderstandings. I despise them. I screwed up … Read more

The Journal, Sunday, 7/5

The Day Rolled out at 2:30 but after being awake and dozing off an on for two full hours. So I’m starting the day with sand in my eyes. Ugh. Happens. Worked on my Audio Lectures website over at to make it responsive as well. I think that’s all for websites until someone takes me up on the weekly challenge. Only took an hour. Kind of a fun diversion. Over on Dean’s website yesterday (July … Read more

The Journal, Saturday, 7/4

The Day Rolled out at 1. Spent an hour or so just waking up, checking out a few websites. I shouldn’t do that. Most often when I look at other websites that have anything to do at all with writing I am disappointed or flat out annoyed. JA Konrath is an avid supporter of Amazon Kindle Unlimited. For some reason, he apparently sees nothing wrong with supporting Amazon’s drive toward a monopoly. Another famous guy constantly … Read more

The Journal, Friday, 7/3

Happy 4th of July Independence Day to everyone. Hope it’s an enjoyable one for you. The Day Slept ’til almost 3 this morning. Woohoo! But a little late to work. Okay, first, a very brief announcement. Beginning with tomorrow’s post (so July 4), this particular post will go out at 7 p.m. instead of 6 p.m. As it is right now, sometimes this post cuts into my real writing time. Can’t have that. I wrote the … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, 6/2

The Day Rolled out a little after 2. Well, first, very pleased to report all three of my blogs are now in one central location. In the upper right corner of my new website, you can now click a link to subscribe to the Story of the Week, The Daily Journal, and/or The Main Blog (Pro Writers category). When you subscribe, your email address will be added to whichever list(s). If you’re subscribed to The Main … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 7/1

The Day NOTE: I’m trying something today with this blog post. I’m sending it from my main website at If it goes only to those who are signed up specifically for this journal, then it’s all good. If you are reading this and you are NOT signed up for this journal (formerly, please accept my apologies. Thanks. Rolled out a little after 2. Wow. July just kind’a snuck up on me. Even as I … Read more

Exclusivity = Professional Suicide

Well, maybe not suicide, but at least a really severe professional mangling. Hey Folks, I’ve recently become aware there are still some writers out there who have made a conscious decision not to publish their work through Smashwords. Frankly, I suspect that’s due in part to the Smashwords Style Guide being so stinkin’ convoluted that it’s difficult to read, much less understand. That’s okay. I agree. In fact, I agree so much that after I finally … Read more