Blackwell Ops 3: Marie Arceneaux

Dynamite comes in small packages. Marie Arceneaux is one of them. Don’t be on her list.

Marie is a Cajun, born and bred near Lafayette, Louisiana. She lives in Cassis, France, on the French Riviera now. Her sister Addy moved in with her a couple of years ago.

Marie is ostensibly a sales rep for an international company with a global reach. So her sister never questions why Marie occasionally has to fly out at a moment’s notice for a meeting or presentation.

In actuality, Marie puts her small-arms and martial arts knowledge to use as an operative for Blackwell Ops.

Blackwell Ops is another international company with a global reach. But their reach delivers much different results.

This is part of Marie’s story, as told to the author. As always, only the more sensitive parts of Ms. Arceneaux’s story are fictionalized. Everything else is true.

Recommended search tags: crime, mystery, murder, thriller, psychological suspense, assassin, novel series

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