Harold Cranston’s Final Trip

When the missiles are launched, who among us will know? Harold Cranston whistled a  familiar old tune as he set the suitcases on the floor in the entry way of his home just outside Huntsville, Alabama. He stopped whistling for a moment and looked over his shoulder. “Helen, I’m going to put the suitcases in the car.” “All right, dear. Did you remember our pillows?” Pillows. She always insisted on taking their pillows. He could sleep … Read more

Despidiéndose (Saying Goodbye)

Note: This story was originally scheduled to post here way back on May 30. It didn’t. This story also serves as the first chapter of The Right Cut, the 10th and final novel in the Wes Crowley series of novels. Enjoy! Western Z Crowley gripped the sides of the podium so hard his knuckles turned white. In his left hand, between his fingers and that side of the podium, he clenched the brim of his hat. … Read more

Being Martha Ramis

At Bible Mission Church in Springer, South Dakota, the church secretary, Martha Ramis, lay yesterday’s mail on the corner of the pastor’s desk as usual, then turned away. Was that a draft? She turned back to glance toward the window. No, the blinds were down and the window closed. Probably just her imagination from having recently come in from the cold. She reached up to clasp her heavy brown coat near the collar as she turned … Read more