The Journal, Saturday, 12/3

Hey Folks,

Not a lot to report today. I rolled out around 3:30. As soon as I got my coffee, I started in on my WIP. There was no email to speak of and little on Facebook this morning.

I generally accept Saturday and Sunday as days off from writing. I prefer to write, but I allow distractions more easily on those days because those are the only days when my wife and I can do things together.

I added over 2000 words to the story today in two average sessions. In between, we went to the store and the post office.

I also downloaded ten more cover pics for book covers and then dallied at CanStock for a while to select more for my Favorites folder. The actual downloading process goes much more quickly if I already have a selection of photos from which I can choose.

Of Interest

Nothing that I could find. Just a placeholder post at Dean’s place.

Today’s Writing

Today I did some cycling back, mostly to expand scenes a bit and add depth. I also wrote two new scenes.

This is an odd little work in progress. I’m all but certain now it’s only a long short story (novelette) or novella. Primarily because it’s about One Event.

Initially, I thought it was going to blow wide open. It still might, but it’s looking more and more like the characters want to remain focused (tightly) on that One Event.

And that’s the real difference between short fiction and long fiction. Short fiction is always about one person and one event. A novel is still about one person, but it’s about several related events.

So a couple of good sessions today. I’m going to come back to the WIP tomorrow morning early, but if the characters don’t lead me someplace I’m not expecting, well, novelette or novella, here we come.

We’ll see.

Back tomorrow.

Fiction Words: 2158
Nonfiction Words: 320 (Journal)
So total words for the day: 2478

Writing of Ray Acuna (tentative title)

Day 1…… 2058 words. Total words to date…… 2058
Day 2…… 3752 words. Total words to date…… 5810
Day 3…… 1934 words. Total words to date…… 7744
Day 4…… 1587 words. Total words to date…… 9331
Day 5…… 2158 words. Total words to date…… 11489

Total fiction words for the month……… 5679
Total fiction words for the year………… 685373
Total nonfiction words for the month… 1980
Total nonfiction words for the year…… 259880

Total words for the year (fiction and nonfiction)…… 945253