Other Writer Services


Opening Critique—Free of Charge for a limited time.

This is a written critique of the first 500 words of your short story, novella or novel, free of charge.

This will be an honest critique intended to help you grow in the craft of writing. The critique consists of instruction and recommendations on your specific story opening.

To take advantage of this offer, email me at harveystanbrough@gmail.com. In an attached Word document, send the full manuscript or just the first 500 words. I’ll do the critique and get it back to you ASAP.

First Chapter or Short Story Critique (fiction, up to 3000 words) $50, payable in advance

This consists of instruction and recommendations on your specific scene and chapter openings, how to pull the reader into the story and keep him there, use of character names, and a great deal more. Send the full document via email as a Word attachment. I’ll return to you the same document with my imbedded comments.

Proofreading (fiction or nonfiction, any length, 3/4 of one cent [.0075] per word, payable in advance)

Proofreading includes…

▪ punctuation, spelling and wrong-word usage
▪ consistency issues: hyphenation, numbers, capitalization, character names and clothing, scene details, etc.

Note: This is not an edit. I correct only what’s listed above and only if it needs to be corrected. I’ll make few, if any, comments.

Send the full manuscript via email as a Word attachment. I’ll conduct a word count and let you know the fee. I’ll return two copies to you, the original showing all corrections and a “clean” copy with all corrections applied.

If I can help you in any way, please let me know.