Interim, Interim Post

Hi Folks,

If you’re a reader, I have some great news for you. If you’re a writer, I have some even greater news.

There’s a new book bundling service called BundleRabbit. If you aren’t familiar with book bundles, let me explain.

If you’re a reader, you can sign up to receive their newsletter. Each time a new book bundle is ready, they’ll send you an email. Then you read the email and, if you’re interested, go look at the bundle.

In the current bundle, for example, you can purchase 5 books by five big authors for a payment of $5. Or you can “unlock” a second tier for a minimum payment of $12. In that case you receive 12 books plus a coupon for two more free books from Kobo Books.

Now for the really exciting news for authors. If you go to BundleRabbit, scroll way down and click the For Authors link, you’ll find an incredible opportunity.

You can sign up for an author account (I did) and upload your own books. Go look. This is not exclusive to novels.

This is another way of getting your work out to readers, folks. It costs you nothing but a litte time, and it pays you if your books are selected by a curator, included in a bundle, and sold.

And if you think it can’t happen to you, then you really need to get a handle on that. Why is it when writers think their work is good, they automatically think “But a writer is the worst judge of his own work,” but when they think their work is bad, somehow that rule no longer applies? Seriously.

This is an incredible discovery tool. If a curator selects one of your works for a bundle, all the readers who normally by works by the other authors are now your readers too.

And you don’t have to wait for an invitation from a curator. You can upload your books to make them available. Then you can let the books wait for the curator to find them while you’re writing more books. (grin)

UPDATE: At 10:12 this morning (as I write this) one of my novels was requested for inclusion in an upcoming bundle. How cool is that? (grin) Sure glad I uploaded my novels instead of waiting a day or two.

Since this post is primarily to pass along good information, I also strongly recommend you read The Blog That Destroyed An Art Form. (grin) And the comments. Read the comments. Seriously.

Finally, I found a free copy of The Fiction Factory by John Milton Edwards. I also strongly recommend you read it. Excellent book on craft that mimics what most long-term professional writers say. This is a scanned-in copy of the original.

If you want to see what’s possible from writers who follow Heinlein’s Rules, I recommend you read Dean Wesley Smith’s blog (link above) or, in the alternative, sign up for my Daily Journal. I usually keep up with what Dean’s doing anyway. (grin)

Up next, a post on how and why to create a reverse outline.

‘Til then, keep writing.