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Tomorrow the Story of the Week will post. And then on Wednesday, Feb 24, Appendix A of Writing the Character-Driven Story will post.

Today I thought I’d sneak in a few notes from my latest Daily Journal blog that are of interest to all writers, or certainly should be. I urge you to check out these links. Doing so will be to your benefit.

If you’re a writer and you want to read something great, do yourself a major favor and read Dean Wesley Smith’s post on Day-Job Thinking vs. Long-Term Thinking.

Great Topic of the Night over at Dean’s place on The Renewal of the Audience. Important and informative especially if you’re an indie publisher.

I recommend visiting Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s site and checking out the table of contents for her Business Musings and Business Rusch Publishing articles unless you’ve already gotten through all of them.

Finally, I recommend visiting Neil Gaiman’s website and read his post on how to give your copyright (real property) to your heirs when it’s time. This is important.

If you haven’t read one of my better stories— “Old Suits” —you can see it at http://nicolaszporter.com/a-story.

Of course, I do a lot more in the Daily Journal than redirect readers to other websites. (grin)

Thus far in 2016 I have covered the following Topics of the Day over at the Daily Journal:

  • Numbers
  • The Power of Ideas
  • Character Names
  • Reading Your Work Aloud
  • Practicing
  • Novel Length and Freedom
  • Trusting Your Characters
  • Nostalgia
  • Life Happens: Keep Coming Back
  • Making Writing Important
  • Starting and Fear
  • Writing “Fast”
  • Quick Online Learning
  • Another Note on Heinlein’s Rules and WITD
  • Why I’m a Cat Guy
  • Inspiration
  • The Magic Mantra

Wow. That’s seventeen separate topics since the first of the year. If you’re a writer, most of these are very good things to know. If you’re a reader or student and are interested in my work, they will give you insight into me as a writer.

But if you aren’t subscribed, chances are you’re missing them.

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Next up, the short story of the week and then Appendix A from Writing the Character-Driven Story.

Until then, happy writing.


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