Pro Writers Writing: A New Venture

Hey Folks,

Last night I got started setting up the website for Pro Writers Writing. There isn’t much to see yet, beyond Robert Sadler’s excellent design for the logo that stretches across the top. I anticipate launching the new site in mid-March or a little later.

Pro Writers Writing will be a blog similar to the Kill Zone blog.

However, whereas TKZ authors are all traditionally published, our group will focus on successful independent writing and publishing. TKZ is also focused pretty tightly on the thriller and mystery genres. Pro Writers Writing will address topics of interest to all literary and commercial genres, writing in general, and so on.

The site is coming together nicely (mostly behind the scenes at this point), and I’m almost as excited about it as I am about my current WIP.

If you’re interested in following the creation of such things, you can find the website at Pro Writers Writing. I’ll provide updates in my Daily Journal as I go along.

I’m not sure yet what the menu bar will hold beyond About Us. Probably categories of posts, so that if a writer wants to find posts about writing in a certain genre or a certain writing technique (process) or publishing, she can simply click that menu item. Of course, I’ll add new menu items as those who post talk about the different topics.

In order to establish a regular schedule, Pro Writers Writing will have seven regular contributors (one for each day of the week) plus a few others who will pop in from time to time with a guest post to give the regular contributors a day off. (grin)

Guest contributors will appear regularly too, but much less frequently. I anticpate there will be one guest post from a different contributor every three or four weeks. As the primary admin for the site, I’ll attempt to manage that.

Each contributor (regular and guest) will have his or her own bio page, but those will all be linked from the About Us page, on which there will be a smaller photo and an excerpt of that writer’s bio.

Unless a few contributors drop out, I probably will be one of the occasional guest contributors. (If you would like to be a guest contributor as well, please email me. Don’t discount what you might have to share.)

Once I have the website fully operational and the schedule set, I anticipate that we’ll all be able to sit back and glean a ton of useful information on independent writing, publishing, marketing and so on.

It should be a great reference for indie writers (and all writers) and indie publishers, and a great ride. (grin)

Thanks for listening. We’ll resume our regularly scheduled posts on Tuesday (February 19) with “A Realization (or Maybe an Epiphany).”

Until then, happy writing!