Some Special Book Deals

Hey folks,

I interrupt our regularly scheduled posts to offer you, my readers, a special deal on some brand-new books. (grin)

Yesterday I got everything finalized for Blackwell Ops: Jack Tilden (action-adventure thriller novel) and got it up for pre-publication sale. I also sent it to my donors. You can see the cover and read the description here.

The regular price of Blackwell Ops: Jack Tilden is $5.99, but if you’d like a copy, you can order it directly from me for a limited time for only $2.99 via personal check or PayPal. Just email me at and let me know. Be sure to let me know whether you want it in Kindle, Nook/Apple or PDF. I’ll send it right out.

I’m also offering my previous novel, Situation Solved (police procedural, hard-boiled mystery) for only $2.99. You can see the cover and description for that one here. It’s set to be released on February 15, but you can get it now. Same terms as above.

Finally, I’ll also offer the first four books of the Nick Spalding series (action-adventure romantic-suspense) as a bundle deal for $11.96 ($2.99 each) under the same terms. Or you can opt to purchase any of them for $2.99. All are currently priced at $5.99 and the last one, Consequences, is scheduled for release on January 15. But you can get all four novels now. You can see each cover and read the descriptions by starting here.

Happy reading! ‘Til next time,


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